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Is there one particular movie genre that is better than others? Absolutely not. Is there one best way to watch your favourite movies? There isn’t. The truth is that some love to do it at home, sitting on a sofa or a bed while others prefer to go to the cinema and see is as soon as it’s released. And both of them are legitimate types of entertainment. If you believe so too, and you wish to go to the cinema with your loved ones, choose Golden Screen Cinemas chain.

Local cinema industry on the big screen

Picodi believes that watching films legally is the best way to enjoy someone else’s work. Renting films at home or buying a ticket – it doesn’t matter, as long as the author of the work you’re watching gets the movie they are due. However, it may get a bit costly for you as well. In this case, use Picodi to find best deals and offers to Golden Screen Cinemas. Subscribe and see how easy it is!

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Golden Screen Cinemas is Malaysia’s largest cinema chain. It is visited by millions of movie lovers every year, and it’s not surprising that people love to go there for lots of occasions. It’s a perfect place for a date, followed by a dinner or drink, it’s got fantastic facilities for families with children, and it can accompany the elderly or the disabled movie-goers.

Watch your favorite movies

While it’s true that additional features in a theatre are now more than welcome, it should be about movies first and foremost. So if you are looking for a wonderful film experience, this is the place to go. You will find the latest releases as well as some older. And it doesn’t matter if you’re all about the American cinema industry or you prefer the local scene. Golden Screen Cinema will show the ones that have gathered the attention of both the audiences and the critics.

Some of us love to watch a movie but cannot imagine doing it without a snack. Fortunately, Golden Screen Cinema is happy to accommodate such needs. You can find lots of snacks in the cinema’s bar as well as drinks. Whoever you are and whatever lifestyle you lead, you’ll find everything from water to fizzy drinks for a perfect movie experience.

Get your tickets today

Back in the day, if you wanted to go to the movies, you had to purchase a ticket right before the screening or go to the cashier’s desk well in advance. Then, the phone booking system was introduced in the cinemas across the world. Nowadays, booking or purchasing your tickets is easier than ever, and all you need is your internet connection. You don’t even need your computer to do it! Simply use your mobile device and book as many tickets as you want. If you’re a part of a larger group, that’s not a problem either.

Remember that in Golden Screen Cinemas, as in any other outlet, you can enjoy fantastic promotions. These change frequently so don’t be a stranger on the cinema’s website and check what’s available. Perhaps going to the cinema in the middle of the week or at an earlier hour could make the difference for you?

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Golden Screen Cinemas deals

You don’t need to wait until your next paycheck comes to go to the cinema. Find the best Picodi promotions and enjoy the newest releases for next to nothing. How?

  • Subscribe to Picodi, and you will receive the best promotions delivered to your mail. When one of them comes, click on a deal and visit the website. Browse through all offers and choose a particular one.
  • Check terms and conditions as well as its expiration date. Copy the promo code, if there is any, or go to Golden Screen Cinemas’ website. Start looking for a movie you wish to watch.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen (it all depends on the type of ticket you wish to book or purchase). When required, enter your promotional code. Confirm by leaving your personal details.

Look for great picks in the schedule

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Golden Screen Cinemas, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!

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