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A wild adventure

Do you ever go on an adventure? One that brings you a getaway from your everyday life and one that makes you truly appreciate your existence in this world? With Wild Earth store embarking on such a journey is easier than ever. Visit it today, whether you do it in person or online, to find goods that will help you with that.

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What is Wild Earth?

We get so caught up with our busy schedules, dull but comfy lives that we forget what it's all about. We forget that there is another world outside the city and we tend to stay within the glass and steel forever. If you are just the same, but you feel that you want to change something, Wild Earth is just for you.

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Don't b afraid to embark on such adventure - do it with your family, your friends, even your kids. Show them that there is more to life than video games and go somewhere where you can be close to nature. Involve them in the shopping process so that they can enjoy it on another level.

When you enter the site, you can either look for current offers on the main page or go to one of the departments. One way is to shop by the type of sport you want to take on - and so you can choose from camp and hike, climbing, running, paddling and tactical sports. If you prefer, you can shop by gender which will enable you to find all products for either men or women.

Time for a reality check

Going away doesn't mean you have to abandon all technology all at once. After all, it's good to preserve memories and keep yourself on track. Take all the necessary items with you but before that - find them at Wild Earth store. Check watches, solar and portable power accessories, rechargeable gadgets, cameras and phones, lighting and navigation. Do you know someone who is genuinely passionate about such stuff? Get them a gift card!

If the product is in the warehouse, your order will be dispatched within one day. This guarantees that your package will arrive at your place as soon as possible. Additionally, you get an 80-day return policy - simply refer to terms and conditions. Whenever you shop at Wild Earth, you can track your order - you will always know where it is. You can also get free shipping if your order exceeds $99. Finally, the store gives you a possibility to buy now but pay later.

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Wild Earth promotions

You can either go to a traditional Wild Earth store or shop online - whichever suits you best. In both cases, however, amazing promotions are waiting for you and your companions. To use the discount code platform, all you need to do is:

  • Subscribe to Picodi because this way you will hear about all promotions as soon as they are released. It's also important to have an account because you will see other, useful suggestions as well.
  • When you receive an email with promotions lined up in it, you can then come to Picodi to see what type of deals are currently on. Read them carefully, check their expiration dates and click on one. Do you see a code? It needs to be copied so that you can use it at the store later on.
  • Go to the Wild Earth online store and look for products you want to buy. Add each one of them to your cart. At the end of your spree, you need to click on the cart icon and review your order. If you're content with it, go to your checkout.
  • Enter your code, when required, your name, shipping address and make the payment. With that, you can await your package to arrive.

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If you liked the experience, don't wait and find other stores on Picodi, such as Agoda and Adrenaline.

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