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Eat at Domino's!

Domino’s Pizza is a group of restaurants started in 1960 by James and Tom Monaghan in Michigan, USA. The company logo is a domino tile with three dots, which originally represented the number of stores that operated under the Domino’s name, but they had to abandon this idea, because of the enormous growth of the franchise network. Today, Domino’s can be found in more than 6,000 places all over the world and they employ hundreds of thousands people. All of that combines into a company that is worth millions of dollars. Domino’s made its mark on the Australian map in 1983 when first store opened in Springwood, Queensland. Few decades ago it was the first pizza store in Australia that could deliver pizza to your home. In 1993 Silvio’s Dial-a-Pizza bought Domino’s Pizza in Australia and merged two networks into one, which allowed them to expand their operations. Today, Domino’s operates more than 600 locations in Australia.



Technology & Innovation

Domino’s is not only a simple restaurant where you can sit and order pizza. The root of the company success is home delivery. All those years ago, they were the first company that offered home delivery. But since then, they’ve improved the process. Now, you won’t have to face the disappointment of receiving a cold pizza. The company uses Hot Cell bags, which are basically portable ovens that allow them to bring 20% hotter pizza to your doorstep than before. That was year 2000, so… what’s next? In 2009 they’ve introduced an iPhone app that allowed people to order pizza from their phones. Few years later, a mobile ordering website was launched alongside an Android app. 2012 was the year when they started to offer ordering custom made pizzas directly from Facebook for those who love social media. For those that are really impatient and hungry, Domino’s introduced GPS Driver Tracker in 2015. Designed to improve safety of the drivers, it has got added value — it allows you to track your order in real-time as soon as it leaves the store. Domino’s also offers Fresh Fast Bake certification that makes it possible to deliver your pizza to your home in just 10 minutes! This is possible because of GPS Drive Tracker, electric pushbikes and improvements in online systems. Another great innovation is for those that like to order pizza on the phone and pick it up personally. Now, with On-Time Cooking app you can be sure that you will get fresh pizza straight from the oven. It tracks you with geo-location, so the team at Domino’s won’t start making your pizza unless you are close. If you have your favourite pizza that you usually eat you can use Zero Click app, which allows you to place your order in only 10 seconds! It’s available on Google Play and App Store. There are a lot of things that make it super easy for mobile owners to order pizza. Domino’s offers Android Pay, apps for Apple Watch, sms ordering, iMessage and others. The newest invention used by Domino’s is the prototype of autonomous pizza delivery robot that they are testing in Brisbane - actually, two robots - one that drives and one that flies! Looks like the future is here.



Who would have thought that eating pizza could be a way to earn money? Well, Domino’s! All pizza lovers can now use Pizza Mogul app to create their own pizza. Not only you get the chance to order pizza that you design by yourself, you get the share of the profits! Right now more than 160,000 people have created more than 300,000 pizzas, which earned them almost $800,000 and the numbers are going up! Sound great? Try it. Go to and get started. Create a pizza that you like; you can start from scratch or use Domino’s menu as a base. Next, set up your profile - you can create an account or use Facebook. Add your picture and think of a name for your pizza. Use Mogul Menu at Domino’s website to order your pizza. Now, earn between 25c and $4.25 per ordered pizza - you decide whether to cash out or give some of it to charity.

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