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Cinema has a lot of different meanings for people, it is an interesting way of spending free time, widening horizons and developing passion and curiosity. We go to the cinema not only for a date or a free time with friends but also to follow our favorite characters, to follow into our favorite genres and film genres, to develop passions, such as to explore nice cinema. The reasons for visiting a movie theater can be multiple, but it is important for us to choose a cinema that will give us the comfort, freedom of viewing and the best picture and sound quality. These factors will surely satisfy the customers of Ster-Kinekor cinema network, which can be found on Ster-Kinekor website. The latest productions, comfortable timetable and the best movie quality - all in Ster-Kinekor cinemas. Enjoy discounted movie tickets at Ster-Kinekor cinemas and watch your favorite and latest productions at bargain prices.

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Ster-Kinekor Theatre is said to be one of the jewels in the of the PRIMEDIA Group’s crown, especially when it comes to financial terms, with attendances increasing annually despite the recessionary environment. The company has a strong belief that going to the movies is a perfect way to escape the stressful daily routine, even if just for a few hours.

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To most people in South Africa understand that the word "movies" is synonymous with the name "Ster-Kinekor". The biggest movie supplier in the country so far (it makes more than double the size of its nearest competitor. Ster-Kinekor owns 60-65% of the market in South Africa, boasting some 54 movie complexes in South Africa. The brand possesses more than 400 screens and 63 000 seats in the whole country with 58 state-of-the-art 3D cinemas, giving Ster-Kinekor the largest 3D footprint on the market, as well as 4 complexes in the countries nearby.

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It’s a unique, upmarket dedicated "art house" movie chain, Cinema Nouveau, currently offers 5 complexes around the South Africa with 34 screens, 15 digital cinema houses with over 3580 seats.

The Cinema Nouvea carried out a Strategic Partnerships with Ster-Kinekor's and it has now supremacy over it. The market is full of Discovery Health and Edgars Club and similar opportunities. The members of different programs working with Ster-Kinekor can access reduced price movie tickets and various other benefits. With the help of the discount coupons from our website, you can collect a lot of opportunities to see a nice film cheaper. Ster-Kinekor's Movie Club Rewards program has over 1,5 million members. Do not wait more, become one.

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As a sub-division of Ster-Kinekor Theatres operates 34 screens, 15 digital cinema houses and it makes almost 3580 seats in 5 sites, which are located Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Cinema Nouveau holds the prestige of being one of the cinemas that are called dedicated "art cinema", screening "art" titles from cultures all over the world.

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It is a differentiated cinema experience, it is nothing like you have seen before and a destination for the discerning film lover, whose passion is the beauty and artistry of the art of film.

Ster-Kinekor offers many attractive promotional codes for each age category. At Ster-Kinekor cinemas, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors will find something for themselves. Enjoy discounted prices on top quality views. Stay current with the activities of Ster-Kinekor cinema networks in social media, including Facebook. Also, sign up for the newsletter from Ster-Kinekor and receive in your mailbox the latest updates of promotions and discounts offered by Ster-Kinekor cinema network in South Africa.

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Every year Ster-Kinekor prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.

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