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Everyone has at least once in their lifetime been unhappy with their mobile provider. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened to Cell C as more and more customers have switched from other companies to their. Now, with Picodi, anyone can use their services for less. Picodi brings you some of the most amazing deals from online shops and service providers, so that you don’t need to look further. Read on to learn more.

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Who are Cell C?

Rather than what is it, the question should be who stands behind the company’s success. It’s always about the people, so customer service has always been at the very heart of everything Cell C does. They believe that with an honest approach, fantastic value and straightforwardness, the success on the competitive mobile technology market is guaranteed. Customers have appreciated that over the years and now Cell C is inviting you to join them to have all of your needs fulfilled. A service with a smile has been its trade mark across the country.


If safe environment and low-cost guarantee is what you’re look for in your mobile provider, check out some excellent contract deals prepared for new customers. Text whoever you want, whenever and wherever you want, knowing you will not be overcharged on your next bill. Hate thinking about your data allowance when you conduct business outside the office? Cell C has a remedy for that too, with some bundles that will allow you to keep your cool when using the internet on the go. If your job requires you to have your phone sewn onto your ear and talk to your clients around the clock, it’s only fair to give you low-priced minutes.

You don’t need to commit to a full contract if you don’t want to. Cell C understands that their customers come from different walks of life so they have prepared some amazing pre-paid bundles to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can get the lowest ever base rate for your domestic calls or three times more data on your internet downloads and uploads. As a pre-paid customer you can also enjoy some extra special gifts and rewards, which could include discounts to popular shopping outlets.

Some providers tend to neglect their existing customers in order to get the new ones. It doesn’t make any sense to Cell C and once you’re with them, you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty. You can call customer service or log into your self-service portal to check if you’re eligible for an upgrade on preferential terms.


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Cell C wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t offer fantastic phones, tablets and routers to their customers. If you’re not a fan of smartphones, that’s ok, because there are phones with traditional keyboard available. Do you need two separate numbers but you’re not a fan of carrying a zillion phones in your purse or suitcase? Dual-sims are also up for grabs for those in the business of doing business. If you must stay connected on the go, get the mobile router that will enable you to work everywhere.

Switch and get the support you need.

If you feel that your mobile provider has neglected you in the past, switching to Cell C is extremely easy. Simply contact the customer service via the website by entering your current phone number or go to your nearest store. You will not lose your phone number so your friends and business partners can stay connected without losing out. Customer service is always at hand for you to contact them and they are more than happy to help you.

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Cell C at Picodi

Have we convinced you to switch? Do it cheaply with Picodi and Cell C voucher codes. Simply:

  1. Go to and check out the newest deals. Click on the one that is of most interest to you.
  2. Once you’re on the store’s website, see if what’s currently on offer is also of interest to you. You can filter your choices on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Can’t decide? Add to wishlist.
  4. Have decided? Add to cart.
  5. Prices are inclusive of VAT and shipped for free. No hidden costs, what you see is what you get.
  6. Keep browsing if you want to learn more or buy something else. Perhaps you want to equip your child with a phone so you’ll know where they are at all times? If you employ people in your business, think of all the money you’ll save on corporate bills if you all stay within the same network.
  7. Once you’re ready to go, pay at the checkout. Simply enter your details and confirm.

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As you can see, it’s plain simple. However, if you want to explore what more Picodi has to offer and you’re more of a techy, check out promotions on CS5 course from iLearn or get a new laptop from Newegg.

Learn more about Cell C and their services by watching some awesome films on their youtube channel at:

Every year Cell C prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.


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