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What’s Uber

If you’ve ever been out in town in the middle of the night, you probably know that waiting for a taxi can be a drag. Everybody decides to go home at the exact same time which effectively means you’re stuck. As a result, you come home much later than you anticipated and you’re even more tired! Fortunately, there’s Uber.

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Ride with Uber in comfort and convenience 

Taxis have always been the more convenient and more comfortable solution to urban commuters’ issues than buses. You can sit and relax in silence, and let someone else worry about the traffic. Unfortunately, taxis are both expensive and not so accessible with waiting time reaching up to an hour. Uber has instantly become a global phenomenon which commuters all over the world have started using.

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Uber was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, initially, as “UberCab”. First, it was launched in San Francisco and after a great success it has spread to other cities of United States and finally it has expanded internationally. Since the beginning many improvements have been made and new features have been introduced to ensure the best service quality accompanied by affordable price. Offering a completely transformed approach to transportation business, Uber gained worldwide popularity that is still growing.

What’s so different about it? First of all, you don’t need cash to pay. Most taxis do have card payment machines but when you order Uber ride, you pay by having your card details in your app. At the end, you don’t need to take your money out of your wallet because the system will automatically charge your card. All routes are GPS tracked so this is by far the most honest taxi-like service ever. The system matches your location with your nearest driver and unlike a regular taxi, you can see upfront who’s going to pick you up. This gives riders sense of security they need.

Rides for all occasions and at different prices

The ride that you select with Uber could be an economy one or a premium one. It can be through accessibility or through a carpool. These rides are always smarter than the normal taxis or the yellow cabs. For business travel, you can keep these work trips separate. You can utilise an Uber Pool drive and share the ride with other travelers and save on the cost of that ride. Uber Pool will match you with other riders who are headed in the same direction as yours. It is the cheapest way to travel. Uber makes it clear that there is no need to tip the drivers as their service charge is incorporated in the fare construction. All additional stops between direct routes will amount to higher fares. Tolls and surcharges are always added to your fare.

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Other services

If you run a business and are thinking about liaising with taxi service for your clients’ and employees’ sake, get Uber to meet all your corporate needs. You will save money and the cars you’ll use will be up scaled to maintain your corporate image. With trackable payment system, you’ll have total control over the expenses, which immediately limits the scale of financial fraud in your company. Uber will make sure that whoever gets into their car, the ride is always in line with your policies.

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Uber will also deliver a parcel to your client or your loved one. When you order a courier service it usually takes 1-2 days for the pack to arrive at its destination. With Uber, it’s a matter of minutes. Simply give it to the driver, and he’ll deliver it straight away.

Do you need food but local restaurant doesn’t do deliveries? Uber can help you with that as well. By working with so many food outlets, it can deliver your meal within minutes so you don’t need to cook any time soon.

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Uber Voucher Codes

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Now that you’ve saved on taxis, you can ride Uber more often or spend that money on other offers available on Picodi!

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