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Sky is a British provider of TV, broadband internet, phone, and mobile phone services. It holds the first place among the largest UK’s pay-TV broadcasters. It was created in 1990 by merging of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting. The company offers its services in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Italy. With its broad offer, excellent quality of service and competitive prices, Sky managed to attract over 22 million customers across five countries.

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Among services offered by Sky, there are various mobile plans, fixed-line services, broadband and television bundles.

  • SkyTV offers hundreds of channels packed in bundles complemented with extras such as free TV’s, set-top boxes and routers. Sky displays detailed weekly TV guides on their website so you can see programs for all the offered channels, including Sky’s own channels.

  • Sky Go is an online digital service that works on computers, mobile phones, and gaming consoles. It allows watching live and on-demand videos via broadband or Wi-Fi connection. This service is available free to existing Sky TV customers and by subscription or pay-per-view system for those who don’t use Sky TV.

  • Sky Mobile offer includes a selection of flexible mobile plans that can be suited to your individual needs. Sky Mobile services are connected to SkyTV so that being a SkyTV customer gives you additional perks and special bargains.

  • Sky Broadband and Fibre are broadband services that can be used separately or in connection with SkyTV services. Sky offers superfast broadband thanks to the cutting-edge technology of ADSL2+ and fibre-optic.

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Sky services are complemented by a broad offer of the highest quality products, often created with Sky’s own innovative technologies. This means hubs, routers, and boosters for broadband but also TVs, set-top boxes such as exclusive SkyQ box, video recorders and more. Sky also provides its users with mobile apps, internet protection called Sky Broadband Shield and various accessories.

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Why is Sky on Picodi, anyway?

For the same reason, any other retailer is – so that you can find some discount codes for your shopping! Yes, Sky also allows for the use of discount codes when you buy their products or services. Visit Picodi and find an offer for Sky to check out all the awesome promotions you may benefit from and to grab all the codes there are.

As for where to use them, you will encounter two kinds of places for entering a discount code. If you buy a certain product, after you add it to your basket, go there and proceed to checkout. At the very beginning of required order details, you will see a box called “Discount” to apply your code. If you buy a service after you choose a package for yourself, you will see a page with personalization options and on the left side of the page a question “Got an offer code?” with a direct link to a screen where you can use your code.


  • Bigger Picture – Sky strives to not only provide its customers with the best products and the best services but also to take care for/of the environment in which they operate, communities within which they function and people with whom they work. That’s why they invest in creative industries, support sports initiatives, implement strong social and ethical policies and actively work on environment protection.

  • Sky Academy – in their belief in the great potential of every young person, Sky team launched Sky Academy – an initiative that helps primary schools’ pupils as well as older children to work on their creativity, discover and develop their unique talents and, possibly, make first steps on their way to the career.

  • Sky Sports – this is a part of Sky Academy that focuses on sports and promoting an active lifestyle among young people. This is achieved by organizing multi-week and one-day sports projects with schools around the UK and Ireland. Every British and Irish school can apply to become a part of those projects.

  • Sky Ride – Sky cooperates with the British Cycling Federation and promotes website where you can find and book a place in one of many bike rides organized across the UK. There are also plenty of useful cycling guides and blog devoted to cycling and rides.

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Sky Community

Sky Community is a website operated by Sky, featuring a bunch of blogs and discussion forums where you can meet with other Sky users, ask questions, find solutions to your problems, read about Sky products and services, discuss your favourite TV shows and talk about anything you want with people like you. You can also watch Sky videos on YouTube and follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with all the news.

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