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The widest range of phones

Having a new phone is now mandatory. There’s no need denying that it doesn’t matter what type of phone you have, if you want to stay up to date with the news of the world, and want to make your life easier, a new phone every now and then is basically all you need. Carphone Warehouse has it all.

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Why Carphone Warehouse?

Can you remember when was the last time you were sitting on a bus without listening to your favourite music from your mobile? Can you say that checking your email on your phone is something you never do? Finally, do you check your social media using your cell when out and about? It’s difficult to imagine our lives without that little device that took over the world and enables us to communicate in real-time with virtually any part of the world.

Carphone Warehouse services

So when you’re thinking your current one is already obsolete, look for a new one at Carphone Warehouse. See all the latest versions, or if you’d be happy with the last version, get it even cheaper. Whether you’re seeking to sign a contract or prefer pay as you go options, you’ll have everything sorted in one place. Need accessories only? No worries as the store has a wide selection of chargers, cables, protectors, cases and more at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

What if you’re undecided and don’t know what to choose? Perhaps you’re completely new in the field and want some advice? No better way than to compare the equipment yourself. A convenient and useful tool will give you a clearer perspective as to whether you should go for a brand new or a bit older one. It’s the same with phone deals you find at different network providers. Instead of looking at each individual’s website or visiting them one by one, just state which networks interest you and the service will provide you with a comprehensive comparison. What you do next with this information – is totally up to you.

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You might want to compare your phone in terms of a specific feature you want. For example, if you love taking photos but can’t stand to drag a proper camera with you everywhere you go, check out phones best for photographing. Or let’s say you want to buy a new cell for your mother or father who just don’t comprehend all that smartphone thing and want to have a mobile that’s easy to use as possible? Finally, when you conduct your own business but don’t have enough space in your briefcase for two devices, pick dual-sim phones that are easy to use and very convenient to carry at all times.

We sometimes find that services we currently use aren’t enough anymore. We’re looking to update but don’t know where to start. Carphone Warehouse can help you with that as well. You can do it through the website and don’t have to go to the network’s shop to stand in long queues just to sign the paper. Simply check your eligibility through a handy service online, as some networks allow you to upgrade before your contract ends. Don’t know the date exactly and don’t want to wait on the line over the phone? Use the Upgrade Checker!

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Carphone Warehouse discount codes

For tablets, phones, accessories and other services, you can be sure you’ll pay less at Carphone Warehouse than at any other place. How?

  1. Find out what offers are available at this very moment on Picodi. Remember that some of them might expire very soon.

  2. Click on the one you think is best for you – if there’s a promo code to use, just copy it. If there’s none – you’ll be taken onto the store’s website.

  3. Browse through the extensive catalogue of products and services to find the perfect one for you.

  4. To buy a phone, for example, click on the model you want and choose the most suitable options, like colour, capacity, plan, upgrade or whether you want it SIM-free.

  5. Pick your network, your total monthly budget and add it to the basket. If you have a code, enter it at the checkout.

  6. Leave your details for free next day delivery. Pay as usual.

Carphone Warehouse mobile phones

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