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You can’t buy enough flowers for another person. Well, maybe if they are allergic, it may not be the best of ideas, but other than that, a bouquet will always make their day. They will take it from bad to good, from a sad one to a happy one and they will show them you are thinking of them. How do you choose the right florist who will prepare, and deliver it just the way you want it? Choose Bloomthis, your florist on demand.

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Picodi loves presents, and so it wants you and all of its users to enjoy them as much as possible. To make it possible, it gives you a possibility to save on flowers when you need to buy some. Visit the website to see if there are any significant promotions for you today!

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Bloomthis has a solution to every situation. Even if you want to enjoy flowers every single day, there is an offer for you too. As an example, see subscriptions that Bloomthis offers to its customers. There is a monthly subscription for all those who value one specific day for a particular period of time. Your flowers will be delivered with no delay, just the way you planned it. If you want it to be a bit more often, you can go with the bi-weekly subscription, and if you want to shower somebody with care and love, you can try the weekly subscription as well.

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For a full selection of items available in the store, check out the Flowers&Gifts category. The perfect combination of flowers and an exquisite bottle wine is all it takes to make any evening the most romantic one. The fact that it’s shipped for free makes it all the better. Not really into alcohol? Can’t you drink due to health issues or pregnancy? No problem, there are sets of flowers and chocolates.

Have you a special occasion coming up? Celebrate it with a particular type of bouquet and say congrats or I’m sorry with a set of beautiful fresh flowers packed in a beautiful pot. It’s also a great option if you are going to decorate the room or the entire house for an occasion. Instead of buying flowers separately and trying to arrange them, order a service that will do it professionally and to the highest standard.

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You might wonder why the flowers are the best idea when it comes to giving someone a present and which occasions are perfect for it. When you want to congratulate them that their hard word has been acknowledged, you can acknowledge it as well. A bouquet made of that person’s favorite blooms will be a perfect addition to the typical celebrations. Flowers are also a fantastic idea for someone else’s birthday, engagement celebrations, weddings and benevolent. Make sure you choose the right one, and you will show them how much you care.

If you don’t know much about the flowers and how to arrange them to create the perfect bouquet, you can find one on the website. Professional florists have experience in creating stunning solutions for your celebration so entrust them with choosing the right one.

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You can send flowers to the ones you love and the one you care about any day of the year, but you can also make it a great purchase at any of those times. Make sure you are always aware of fantastic promotions. Here’s how to do it:

  • Subscribe to know whenever new offers come up. Come to Picodi and check the promotions thoroughly. Read their terms and find the expiration date.
  • Go to Bloomthis’ website and find a perfect bouquet. You can also go for a set of flowers and wine or chocolates if you want something more.
  • When you see one, add it to your cart and if you’re done with shopping, review your order. Remember about the subscription!
  • Add your promotional code you received from Picodi and confirm. Make the payment and expect the flowers to be delivered to your doorstep in no time!
  • Remember to check out BloomThis during Black Friday and the Monday after calls Cyber Monday.


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