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Are babies supposed to be introduced to water? How early is too early? The interesting fact is that water is the child’s natural environment, so parents often introduce water play to very young babies. If you’re one of them or you only want to start, you can now ensure that your child has got the right accessories at their disposal. To make the process smoother and the play more fun, visit Cheekaaboo store online.

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Picodi understands the value of education and play, so it wants to help all the parents out there to save money while on the hunt for the best quality products. Your child will feel safe, and you’ll be satisfied with your saving abilities when you subscribe to Picodi and use the email service to inform you about all the best deals.


Some parents choose not to buy any swimming accessories for their children, while others prefer to have all the essentials. No matter which group you belong to, you can still enjoy the best prices for the best items on the market. Where do you start?

You can check out the top picks which are the most popular choices for other parents. These products are chosen the most often because of their quality and stunning design. You can search by collection or age to see what’s available and what you can get.

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If you want to see the entire catalogue of products, you can take a look at other categories. Check out the Baby category if your little one is an infant. It’s a great age to start playing in the water with your child because they are introduced to new stimuli, and they feel safe in their parents’ arms. Thermal swimsuits will keep them warm at all times while swim diapers will ensure that no surprise ever appears in the water. Sun hat will protect them from harmful UV rays and overheating while swim rings will introduce them to a safe play. There is also a range of toys to play with, so you’re spoilt for choice with regards to fantastic products. Remember that children older than 24 months can also enjoy the same products whenever they like.

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If you want to make sure that playing with your wee one does not cause you to spend a fortune, you can check out the SALE section of the store. Some of the products have been discounted at an affordable price because they need to make room for new ones. You can often find editor’s picks and products for children of all ages.

Are there any added benefits of shopping at Cheekaaboo? Of course, there are! Simply put, when you buy from Cheekaaboo, you are supporting a local designer and manufacturer who ensures their products are always of the highest quality. You are making a difference in both your child’s life by giving the absolute best and in people living in your community. If you have received a damaged good or an incorrect one, you can easily exchange or return it, provided you’re in Malaysia.

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Shopping for products that your child is going to wear or use can be daunting because you want only the best for them. On the other hand, the economy is tough, and you may not always afford them. Cheekaaboo is your answer to all of the above. How do you shop there for less?

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  • Go to the store and start shopping. When you see an item, you want to have, just add it to your online bag. When you’re done with shopping, go to the checkout and review your order.
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