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Can you make someone else’s day with just a smile? Sure you can. How about a lavish trip and luxurious piece of jewelry? Obviously! But what if you’re looking for something a bit simple, yet speaking more than a thousand words? A bouquet of flowers coming straight from your heart indeed is enough. If you’re looking for experts in flower arrangements who can help you find a perfect bunch for any occasion, Happy Bunch is the place you need.

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Happy Bunch

Happy Bunch is a store like no other. While at other outlets you can find ridiculous prices for flowers of your dreams, this particular shop can offer you a very affordable one. Although there is one price, there are never two bunches that are entirely the same. Yes, every day brings a new one. You can be sure, though, that they are all perfect for any occasion you could think of. So how does it work precisely?

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All you need to pay is RM42. If you place your order before 12:30 PM, you or the person you want to give the flowers too, will receive it on the same day. Some areas enjoy free delivery too. It could not get any cheaper, ever. If the store is within proximity from your house, you can collect the bunch and deliver it yourself, that’s no problem. If you feel that the regular bunch just isn’t enough, you can order a super bunch. Make it bigger and even more beautiful! In an unlikely event that your bouquet is damaged in any way and you are not completely happy with it, email the company with its pictures and tell them what’s wrong. You are inevitably going to figure something out to remedy the situation.

To see what the store is capable of and what bunches it can create, you can go to ‘Past Bunches” tag. You will see them tagged with a date so that you can get inspired for the future. It means that even if you don’t buy one today, you can trust there will be beautiful ones tomorrow and the day after that. When you order a bunch, you don’t need to give your name as you can remain anonymous. The only thing Happy bunch needs is the recipient’s full name and delivery address. You can also pre-order a bunch if you like. It’s a helpful feature, especially if you know you will not have access to the internet and you want to make sure it is purchased.

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You might wonder why do people stick to the idea of giving flowers when there are so many other options in the market? Gift cards, jewelry, clothes, etc.? It’s simple, there’s something nostalgic about a bunch of stunning flowers put together in a universal arrangement. When you go with flowers, you can never go wrong. Weddings are an example where flowers are both appropriate and timeless. A person can enjoy plenty of presents on their birthday, but flowers make them more personal.

How does it work?

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Happy bunch does have one fixed price for a flower arrangement, but it doesn’t mean there are no promotions ever. Make sure you’re aware of them each time they appear. Simply:

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  • Come to the website to view the deals and if there is a promotional code, save it for later. Go to Happy bunch’s website and start shopping.
  • Go shopping Now to see which bunch is available today. If you like it order it or make it a super bunch.
  • Enter the recipient’s address and name. Make sure it’s valid and that the person receiving the bunch can collect it. You don’t have to give away your details if you want to remain anonymous.
  • Pay with your card and done! The flowers will be delivered in no time!


A bunch a day keeps the sadness away

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