Uber Code: Get HK$75 Off Your Ride from International Airport

Get an up to HK$75 discount on your ride from International airport with this code. You can get the discount only if you are a new user.

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Uber Code: Snap Up HK$15 Off Your 1st Ride

Grab an HK$15 discount with this splendid code on your first ride. Keep some money in your pocket and travel for less.

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Uber Driver Offer: Get Up To $15 Tip!

Become a driver and receive up to $15 tip for a ride. After each ride customers will rate their riding experience and give you $5, $10 or $15 tip. Join now!

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Drive With Uber And Be Your Own Boss

Are you in for serious extra income? Use the link to sign up as an Uber driver and ride whenever you wish for that extra money!

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Share Your GPS Location with Your Loved Ones

You can now share your location thanks to this special Uber feature. Both driver and your loved ones will be able to see your current location

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Uber Offer: HK Airport Pick up & Drop Off

When you need to be picked up or dropped off at HK airport call Uber. Choose the best option and enjoy your ride!

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Uber Offer: HK Airport to HK Disneyland Ride From HK$102!

Visit HK Disneyland straight for the airport with Uber from HK$102. Other destinations and prices are listed on the landing page.

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Archive offer Uber Special Offer: Use “Leave at Door” Delivery Option

Use this option to avoid direct contact and stay safe thanks to this special option.
  • expired: 2020-03-31

Archive offer Uber Promo Code: Grab 10% Off Your First Ride

Enjoy an extra 10% discount on your first ride. Save a great deal of money with this code!
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Archive offer Uber Rewards: Earn Point & Grab Rewards

Collect some points and earn some amazing rewards. Go to the website for more details.
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Archive offer Book Your Ride with Extra Legroom with Uber

Enjoy the hassle-free journey by ordering Uber comfort and get some extra legroom. You will definitely like it!
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Archive offer Uber Promo Code: Enjoy 10% Off Your First Ride

Grab yourself a bargain and get an extra 10% discount on your first ride. Save a great deal of money with this code!
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More about Uber:

Ride, ride, wherever you want!

Taxis are an incredible invention of the modern world but there are some serious issues related to them and not everybody likes to ride home or to work like this. The things is that taxi drivers aren’t always nice, they are quite expensive and the biggest one – you don’t always know how much you’re going to pay. Uber is now the best alternative to traditional taxis, and with payments made upfront and quick service, you know exactly where you’re going, who’s going to get you there and there are no hidden costs.

Uber in Hong Kong

If you still want to save some cash, you can – with Picodi. Codes and promotions are available 24/7 and can be used at any time with Uber and many more brands and stores. Check it out every day or better yet – subscribe to hear news about offers with minimum hassle.

The story

Uber was created in the US out of a growing demand for comprehensive riding service and the technological advancements. It only takes one tap in your app previously installed on your smartphone to order a ride and get wherever you need for less. People don’t always like to ride their cars and with such a traffic congestion present in many cities in the world, they prefer to have someone else drive them.

Cars at Uber

It is now present in many large cities and millions of people ride it every single day. It’s convenient, cheap and enables you to meet great people along the way. When you don’t have time to order a traditional taxi, you will be paired up with the driver closest to you, so you don’t need to waste any more time. You don’t need to worry about carrying cash or that the credit card portal is broken as all payments are handled through the app. All you need to do is submit your card details and you can ride without all that payment hassle.

Uber introduced one more feature that makes it stand out in the taxi market – you have an opportunity to rate the driver. If the service you received was good, the driver was polite and you generally had a pleasant experience, reward them for that so they can get more business. If, on the other hand, you think something should be improved, tell Uber about it as well. Perhaps it’s just a little thing that needs looking into.

Uber partners


For business purposes

Are you looking to change your job for one that gives you flexible working hours, opportunity to meet plenty of great people and doesn’t require any hassle with documentation? Drive for Uber and get all of the above perks. Perhaps you’re a parent and your child and partner need you at different times of day so working from 9 to 5 isn’t possible in your case? Great, with Uber you can drive day or night, part or full time and still spend time at home with your family.

Or perhaps you’re a student looking to supplement their finances by working after classes or during the weekends? It may not be the easiest job in the world (no job is, really), but you don’t need to pour beer in the night club and stand long hours. Finally, if you already have a job but your expenses require of you to earn more money in another part-time place, this is a great way to supplement your budget. Explore all the possibilities with Uber.

How to use Uber

Whether you’re an owner of a business or you manage one for someone else, switch from your traditional taxi company to Uber with a corporate account. One place in the cloud to have all your employees’ rides for clearer reports and easier calculations – that’s what they’re giving you. One invoice, one payment, fresh perspective. Not only will you spend less, you will also have more freedom to manage your business expenses.

Uber promotions available on Picodi

Some of the deals you can find are exclusive to Picodi so don’t waste time looking for them anywhere else and just:

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Special offers at Uber

  1. If you need to use the code, it will pop up on your computer/mobile device screen.
  2. Make sure you have Uber app installed on your phone. Without it, you can’t order your ride.
  3. Tap it to place your order. Add your pick up spot and destination and the system will calculate your price immediately.
  4. Add the code if you have one to have your final price discounted.
  5. Wait for the car to pick you up. You can sometimes share your ride with another person who is going in the same direction.
  6. You can also order a more exclusive car to drive you where you want to get.

Uber made it possible for residents of Hong Kong to order food with them. Check out UberEATS page and keep an eye on new deals or subscribe for hassle-free deal delivery to your mailbox. And when your done hitting the city, why don't you sit back and check the latest Zalora promo codes? We've got them covered too!

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