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Who needs to cook? Just order from Foodpanda!

Going out to eat can be a lot of fun, especially if you do it with your friends, but it can also be time consuming. Nowadays not all of us can afford to leave work earlier and at the weekend, we often just want to stay in and relax with people we love. That’s where Foodpanda comes handy because with food ordering service, you have all the cuisines in the world in just one place. Order and enjoy freshly prepared, mouth-watering meals you’ll love.

Foodpanda delicious food delivery

Picodi can equip you with tools that will effectively lower the price on meals you order at Foodpanda. The website is free to use and stores all over Hong Kong advertise their promotions there. So without further ado, see how Foodpanda has teamed up with Picodi and what effect it’s going to have on your finances.

The order

Foodpanda contains contact details and menus to almost all takeaways and restaurants offering deliveries in Hong Kong. This is how vast the catalogue of cuisines is there. You can choose from all types of food from American to Western, but you can also order alcohol on its own. When you know what you want, simply click on the type of food and you’ll be given a long list of available restaurants.

Are you hardly ever at home and can’t order using your computer? Foodpanda launched their mobile app, which is now used by people to get their food on the go. Whether you’re stuck at work and you just need to eat something, or you’re out and about but restaurants around you are too crowded for your taste, Foodpanda will deliver your chosen meal wherever. All you need is internet connection!

Order on the go with Foodpanda app

Still not convinced? Think of it this way, you may not always be up for standing in the kitchen, cooking meals for your entire family or your mates. If you’re used to ordering by phone, it’s really not that different, only that it is much more accessible and convenient. Don’t worry you’ll have to pay Foodpanda for your order when it arrives, because it’s not true. All financial settlements between the service and the restaurant are handled aside, so you get your food for the low price you know and love.

Usually, when you order food on the phone, so the traditional way, you have to pay with cash because the delivery person doesn’t have card payments machine. Here, you pay with your card upfront, so everything is settled. How do you know the quality of food ordered through Foodpanda is going to be good? Because when you place an order, it is sent directly to the restaurant. It’s them who prepare your food, so you’ll get the same quality you always have. No change there.

Ordering from Foodpanda is super easy

Other perks

You don’t have to register your account or sign up for the newsletter to use the service. You can stay free as a bird and have no strings attached to the website. There are some perks of doing it, though. With newsletters, when a restaurant launches a promotion, you’ll be the first to hear about it. Who doesn’t love a good deal on food, and being on a mailing list, certainly lets you save quite a bit of money in a year. Besides that, if you have an account and you enjoy ordering online, the entire process will be much faster in the future. Your delivery address will already be stored in the system, and you will have your favourite food outlets in your order history. Think how much time it’ll save you.

Save with Foodpanda voucher codes

Credit cardholders can enjoy various discounts implemented by Foodpanda. There are discounts as big as 60% for new users and smaller but regular deals that registered users can enjoy. Gather your buddies around you and order food to enjoy massive savings on dining together.

How do I do it?

Foodpanda has many cool deals for you to enjoy when you order online. Here’s a quick manual:

  1. Scroll up to the top of the page to see what deals are currently available. Do you know what you want?

  2. Click on the deal. If it’s a coupon code, then simply copy it to use it later. When you click on the deal, you’ll be redirected to Foodpanda’s website.

  3. Browse through the cuisine menu and click on the one that catches your eye.

  4. See the restaurant that cooks the tastiest food? Upon looking through the menu, just add items you want to eat to your basket. Remember to leave the name of your street so the system can estimate delivery time or rule out the restaurants that don’t deliver to your address.

  5. When you’re ready to pay, paste in the Foodpanda voucher code you got from Picodi to redeem your discount. When the price has been adjusted accordingly, you can proceed by entering your card details, delivery address and confirming your order.

Mouth-watering dish delivered to your home

In just half an hour you’ll be eating delicious, hot and freshly-made meal straight from the stove. While you’re at it, see what offers you can find from Look Fantastic and Zalora.

That’s it, you can be proud of yourself. Now, how about you look for some Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts? Foodpanda always comes up with something special on that days, so be sure to visit our Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 pages to find out hidden discount gems!

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