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Order a Burger Lovers Combo for 2 at McDonalds and pay only HK$92 for 2 burgers, 2 soft drinks (medium), 1 large fries, 6 pcs of Chicken McNuggets and 1 large Fresh Corn Cup!
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No coupon needed! Get your Rilakkuma for $12, save up to $14 and redeem your free treat upgrade! Details in the link.
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McDonald’s... I’m lovin’ it...

You sang it in your head while reading, didn’t you? I bet you did. How many times was McDonald’s there for your hungry stomach when you didn’t have time to cook? How many toys did you collect from Happy Meals? And how many wonderful memories do you share with your friends of having fun together and casually visiting McDonald’s? Good food, quick service and low prices are the three most distinctive features of this iconic fast food restaurants’ chain. Over the years McDonald’s staff did what they could to provide you with even better food, even quicker service and now they are joining forces with Picodi to provide you with even lower prices.

McDonald’s had its humble beginnings in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. And even in 1948 when they reorganized it as a hamburger stand no one could predict how popular it would get. Nowadays, this gigantic business operates over 34,000 restaurants in 119 countries worldwide employing 1.8 million people and serving around 68 million customers daily. But words and dry numbers, as impressive as they are, can’t really express this characteristic atmosphere, the bright colours of restaurants’ interiors, the smell of food and the memorable taste of milkshake that we secretly sipped from our friend’s cup while they were looking away. It can’t be described, it can’t be imitated – you need to go there and feel it.

What’s on the menu?

Well, that sounds like an unnecessary question. We need to admit it – we all know their menu by heart. But hey, McDonald’s likes to surprise us from time to time with something new, so let’s check it out, just to be sure that nothing escapes our attention. We don’t need to dwell on popular, common meals like burgers, fries or breakfast options. But it is good to know that McDonald’s issues a Saver Menu where you can find a lot of meals that are cheaper while maintaining the same high quality of ingredients as the rest of the menu. For kids, along with traditional, well-known Happy Meals, parents can order a Fruit Bag. It is worth noting that all the positions in menu come with the full nutritional information and warnings about possible allergens.

Better, quicker, cheaper

One of the reasons we eat at McDonald’s are their really affordable prices. We all want to enjoy a tasty food without spending all the money we have and McDonald’s understands it very well. Apart from the Saver Menu you can also check out their Promotions subpage where all the ongoing deals are shown. It is a good idea to sign up for their newsletter to be up to date with all the discounts and promotions as well. If you don’t want another newsletter in your mailbox, think about downloading McDonald’s app where you can find the nearest restaurants, full menu and news about all the deals and promotions. And of course, you can visit and get a free voucher to use on your next trip to McDonald’s to save even more money. That’s a chance you simply can’t miss! Check our website regularly, get information about new promotions and gather a lot of vouchers so that you can enjoy your cheap and tasty McDonald’s meals whenever you want.

And hey, give other dining options a try as well - we have plenty of choice, from Foodpanda vouchers to UberEATS promo codes.