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Telstra is an Australian-based company that provides a platform that connects millions of people. It’s Australian foremost telecommunication services firm that provides Australians with 17.2 million mobile services, more than 7 million fixed voice services and 3.4 million broadband services. The company focuses on providing people with high quality internet access, mobile services, television and other products from entertainment area. Originated in 1975, at first as a government company, but now fully privatised, has become a main player on both Australian and international markets. Telstra is a proud owner of Australia’s biggest and fasters mobile network, but they are also present in 22 different countries. 

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 The company aim is to connect everyone, because they believe that this will bring great opportunities for people; make a difference; improve people’s lives. This is why they don’t slow down in extending their network, this is why they keep improving the speed of their systems, this is why they keep going to great lengths to offer you with the best possible prices. Great solutions for everyone, no matter how big or small. No matter if you run an enterprise or a business. They don’t dismiss big businesses; they don’t frown upon small businesses. They have appropriate plans for your personal use, no matter if you are single or if you are looking for a family-pack. They believe that everyone has the right to stay connected, to be able to reach their loved ones no matter where in the world they might be. The pursue of innovation led them to create a 4GX network, which is like 4G, only better. After the end of analogue television in Australia 700MHz spectrum become available, which is used by Telstra to provide 4G network access in non-metropolitan areas as well as better coverage and speed inside of buildings compared to regular 4G.

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They are quite flexible, they offer all kinds of different plans and variants. You can use their pre-paid plan or pre-paid phones. If you don’t need a new smartphone, then you could easily purchase a SIM only plan or a regular plan with some state of the art phones that have just hit the market. High quality of service is guaranteed by Australia’s best 4G coverage – high speed Internet within your reach and voice quality like anything you have ever seen or heard. On-going development of online services allows Telstra to offer you 24x7 Apps, which you can use to check the balance on your account, see how much data have you used so far or go through your bills and payments. All of this and so much more available to you at any given time, just one swipe on the touchscreen away. You can download Telstra 24x7 App from Apple App Store or Google Play if you use Android device.

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Small business owners will be pleased to know that they can save a lot of money by using Telstra Business Bundles and there’s a variety of products and services useful in big companies. Telstra offers business solutions not only if it comes to connecting people, but they also offer collaboration methods, ways of tracking goods and assets as well as cloud services. Telstra is where technology meets business.

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Telstra is great entertainment centre. Not only do they offer you home and mobile entertainment options like AFL Live Pass, Telstra TV, Presto, Netball Live and video on demand through Telstra TV+ App, but they also allow you to use certain streaming services like Apple Music without spending a single byte from your data plan. 
Visit Telstra website frequently if you are looking for some Telstra bonus offers. If there is an ongoing discounts or bundle then it will be visible on the front page. You can also follow Telstra on social media, they are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. Telstra team can also answer your questions through those portals and they are trying their best to give you a reply in less than an hour. In order to reduce the usage of paper you can easily switch to Email Bill, which is faster and more convenient than receiving regular bills through post office. 

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