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Running a small business can be tricky. All those stuff that you need to remember… A lot of people feel overwhelmed by formalities, so they hire an accountant. Not a bad idea… if you can afford one. This is where Xero swoops in. Company with more than 700,000 subscribes and almost 1,500 employees in 20 offices worldwide that work hard, so your business can thrive. Started in 2006 in New Zealand, Xero has quickly become a leader on Australian and British markets.

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Every business has its stages. You can’t avoid some of them, but good accountant will get you through a lot of difficult tasks in no time. But money is crucial in those early stages of your venture, so not spending thousands of dollars on accounting sound great, right? Some people decide to hire an accountant on a retainer basis, but this still could generate quite a lot of bills to pay. Xero offers you simple, yet powerful tool that will help you and your business with mundane formalities.

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Everyone could make a use of it, business in a stub like start-ups, non-profit organisations, retailers and many more. It utilises cloud computing, so the only requirement that you must need is a computer with a browser. Or mobile phone. Or tablet. Or just about anything that is capable of browsing the Internet. You don’t have to install anything or carry your computer with you everywhere since it is a cloud service. Just remember your login and password, that is all you need to access your company accounting platform. Everything is available at your disposal at a flat fee of $25, $50 and $50 per month depending on selected plan: starter, standard and premium 5. They are tailored for different needs, so you can choose the best fit for your company and business model. Xero’s fee is comparable to the cost of your mobile phone plan and feels like nothing compared with an accountant salary.

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Xero gives you tremendous tools to easily manage your company. You can use it to see current financials, which include your bank balances, pending invoices bills and other expenses – everything just one click away. Automatic bank reconciliation allows you to see your transactions, which makes planning your budget quite effective. Cash flow in a company could be confusing and sometimes it’s hard to keep track how much you actually earn. Xero will provide you with smart reports at a glance so you won’t miss anything. Invoicing has never been easier with Xero tools – this software will let you create and save quotes that you can present to your customers, and when the service is done or the product has been sent, those quotes can be easily transformed into proper invoices with amazing options like remainders, recurrence, notifications and many more.


Combined with mobile app, Xero gives you a fast way to keep track of your purchases – just take a quick photo of a receipt and it will go straight online. Companies are usually run by more just one person and Xero’s knows it – you can give access to your company’s dashboard to your partners, so you can collaborate. Everything is protected by state of the art security, so all sensitive data is protected. And, apart from that, a team of experts is available 24/7 to give you support.

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Xero is also a platform that consociates accountants and bookkeeping firms from all over the globe, so when you face a problem that you cannot solve on your own – you can easily find professional help. The number of partners exceeded 16,000.

If you are not sure or looking for some extra Xero deal you can sign up to a free trial and see for yourself how handy Xero can be. Or if you are ready to earn some extra money by spreading the word, you can become a partner and use Xero Affiliate Program. Share a referral banner or a text link to Xero on your website and every time your followers use your link to register at Xero you will get paid. $5 for every person that registered for free trial and $50 for new Xero subscriber.

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