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Sustainable fashion

Are you looking for a fashion house that stands for something more than just selling clothes and earning money? Do you want to wear stylish garments that will flatter you no matter what size you are and what kind of a woman you represent? If you do answer ‘yes’ to both of the above questions, you simply must have heard of Decjuba – the largest privately owned fashion brand in Australia. One that is all about fashion but the passion as well.

Visit Decjuba for sustainable fashion

Picodi believes in entrepreneurship and giving people a chance of wearing fantastic clothes that don’t cost a fortune. All the women in Australia can now use discount codes provided by Decjuba and other stores by simply subscribing to the newsletter. The website is free to use and accessible 24/7, both domestically and internationally.


Decjuba shows you that making and selling clothes doesn’t have to be done with harming the world around you. On the contrary, you can have a great, flourishing business, a base of loyal customers that is constantly growing in numbers and still do something good. Decjuba is dedicated to various projects that make all the difference in the world. Shopping at the store (online or stationary) you encourage helping the environment by using recycled paper, energy-saving light globes, and biodegradable bags. You’re also a part of a global community aiming to end hunger by 2030, a project of which Decjuba is an active member. You empower women to be independent so that they can provide solutions to their own community.

Decjuba's range

But more about fashion now, shall we? All is well that ends well and shopping at Decjuba ends in your wardrobe being refreshed and full of sustainably-made, well-designed, and exceptionally executed clothing. You are spoilt for choice when you decide to shop at the store that stands for no compromise when it comes to quality. If you want to stay updated with the current trends, all you need to do is check What’s New in the store. You’ll make sure your style is updated and you don’t fall behind with fashion. If you want to save a bit of money, you can go straight to the Sale section. Shop for amazing garments and keep your money right where it belongs – in your bank account. That’s the dream!

New arrivals at Decjuba

You can also browse through the extensive catalogue of clothing sold as their regular range. You will see that apparel from Decjuba lets each woman stay true to who they really are and fully embrace their personality. Select from basic items, knitwear, bottoms, tops and accessories such as hats, jewelry, and bags. If you’re not sure how to combine the styles and how to wear the clothes, click on ‘Shop The Look’ which will show you how to match each separate items together in order to look stylish and trendy.

See the Decjuba look

Decjuba promo codes

Everyone who has got access to the internet can shop fashion but the key lies in not spending too much money on the same items. This is a trick that can be learned by everyone who uses Picodi on a regular basis. Simply:

  • Subscribe in order not to let any deal pass you by in the future.
  • Visit Picodi when you hear about a new promotion and read through the available ones. Check the expiration dates and click on the one you like the most.
  • If there is a promo code provided, click on it, copy and save for later. If there isn’t any at this time, go to Decjuba’s website.
  • Use the menu on the top of the page to guide you through the catalog. Watch out – it’s pretty extensive!
  • When you see an item that interests you, click on it and select your size, color and any other filters provided. Add it to your bag.
  • When you’re done with shopping, go to your online bag and review what’s inside. If you find everything in order, add your promo code and apply it. Confirm by making the payment.
  • Leave your personal details for delivery purposes.

Decjuba cart

Great job shopping at a store that has a mission. If you’re looking for more such places, visit RACV today.

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