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Whatever you do in life, there are things that are unplanned and can seriously complicate your it. There are just some things we cannot control. However, what we can do is prepare ourselves for the unknown and whatever life brings us, we can fight it. How? By getting the right insurance plan for different life situations. RACV is a place where you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and you will be able to purchase a plan that is right for you, not anyone else.

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Picodi knows how important it is to be prepared but it also understands the value for money component. For this reason, it gives you an opportunity to save money on your insurance by providing you with discount offers in Australia and abroad.

Membership at RACV

RACV is unlike any other company that sells insurance. One of the main differences you can see is the fact that when you decide to purchase insurance, you become a member of the company, which gives you certain privileges across the entire group. This not only brings you savings on the type of insurance you have bought itself but also on many other. It’s by far the most sustainable solution you can find on the market.

Membership at RACV

When you live in Australia, it’s often hard to imagine your life without a car. No wonder every family wants to have one, especially if they have a long road to travel to and from work or school. RACV has got a wide range of insurance products you might be interested in, including car and motorcycle insurance, caravan and trailer as well as boat insurance, roadside assistance, and servicing with maintenance. With such a vast choice, you are covered from all angles and you don’t need to worry about the unexpected situations.

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It’s always important to protect your own home from all the intruders but we don’t have control over their actions. What we can do, though, is purchase insurance that will help us get back on our own feet with the money that is paid to us in the form of damages. RACV can offer you home and contents insurance, personal loans, emergency home assistance and home security appliances. Protect yourself and your family from all the bad influences and get the best protection available in Australia.

Every once in a while we all deserve to get some rest. That’s what holidays are for, aren’t they? We work hard the entire year to have that bit of time off troubles and to relax in a nice place. Wherever you decide to go and no matter if you do it alone or in the company of others, you can count on RACV providing you with the right insurance plan. Not only will you be able to purchase insurance but you can also grab some fantastic discounts from partner businesses. It would be such a shame not to take advantage of them!

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Purchasing insurance can often get very pricey but RACV values the customer more than any other company selling similar products. This is why they provide new customers with a range of discounts that can make their lives more secure and their insurance more affordable. Simply:

  • Subscribe to the website and you will be informed about all new promotions appearing on Picodi, specifically with regards to RACV.
  • View all the deals available now and click on one of them. Note that not all of them are available all the time.
  • Click on the deal and copy the promo code (if there is one) or go to RACV’s website.
  • Check out the full range of insurance products and choose one that fits your life best. Sign up for an account. You will be able to get a quote after you give your details to the customer service.
  • If what you hear sounds good to you, purchase the plan and become an RACV member.

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Having insurance, especially when you have a new baby arriving in your house is especially important. So is shopping for all the essentials at Baby Bunting.

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