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About Kulula

Travel anytime, anywhere and hassle free with the best booking website in South Africa. No matter which walk of life you come from, Kulula has thousands of options for your dream holiday any time of the year, any place in the world. The days when you had to go to a travel agents or directly to the airport just to book your holidays are over. Now you can do it with just a few clicks using easy to navigate website.

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There’s more. You can save lots of money if you do it via webpage, which gives you and your friends the opportunity to take advantage of Kulula vouchers no strings attached. It is, of course, advised that you subscribe so that you will never miss an opportunity on great value holidays, but it’s totally up to you!

Travel your way

With Kulula you can make reservations at your dream hotels at any time and at any place. Imagine that you have to take a work trip within South Africa or even abroad and you need to make fast decisions. Based on you budget and filters, Kulula will find the right accommodation and transportation means just for you. You don’t need to contact the hotel by yourself because once you pay – everything is done for you. Simply take your booking confirmation with you and you’re set to go!

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Do you have kids and like to travel to safe places, where families with children are welcome and the hotel has the right infrastructure to accommodate you? That’s also ok, Kulula will make that happen for you. Huge choice of hotels with multi-room apartments, swimming pools, entertainment for the younger ones and all-you-can-eat restaurants also advertise there. If you have some specific needs in connection to travelling with a family of 4 and more, you will be able to book the right place.

So what if you know exactly what kind of hotel you want to sleep in but you have specific requirements regarding the transportation onsite? Kulula gives you the possibility of renting a car, if such service is available, so not only you have total flexibility once you’ve arrived, but also you will be able to save up to 15% by combining two or more options. Nobody says ‘no’ to great savings.

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Kulula has also got lots of useful information about different travelling arrangements, such as travelling with a child and what sort of paperwork you need to take with you. You can also learn about luggage and pet policy, which might be especially important if you’re moving to another country or across South Africa.

How does Kulula work?

Wanting to get holidays of your dreams, you have various options to choose from. You can pick flights, hotels, hiring a car or packages. Whether you’re in need of one of them, or more, you can also get more information about using the site in the main menu. Once you have booked, you can also manage your reservations to accommodate to your changing plans.

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Filters you can use include the direction of your trip and whether it’s one way or a return ticket, as well as your destination. If you need some help deciding where to go, Kulula has got some more popular options lined up for you on their main page so you can get some inspiration in your planning. This is very useful when you’ve just learned you have some time off and you did not plan anything beforehand.

Your search results and payments are always secure thanks to Kulula’s efforts to keep your sensitive data confidential. They accept various types of cards so that you don’t need to worry that you don’t carry cash everywhere, but other options are also available. For example, you can pay for flights using your Discovery Miles or cheques. In a likely event of you becoming their loyal customer, you will be able to pay using their very own travelbank.

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How to use Picodi and Kulula.

This is super easy.

  1. Go to or enter ‘Kulula’ in search box at picodi’s website.
  2. All available deals and offers will be shown on screen. If you’re not ready to decide yet, you can see the expiration date so you’ll know precisely when the last call is.
  3. Click on ‘Get the Deal’ button and you’ll be taken straight to Kulula’s website.
  4. Start browsing your perfect holidays or work trip. Use as many or as few filters as you want and take your time.
  5. Choose the options you’re interested in from the list and pay using the code you’ve been given.
  6. Wait for your holidays to start and remember that if anything changes, you can manage your reservations. There is also possibility to check the status of your booking and flights.

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Every year Kulula prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.