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Emirates coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Rome from ZAR 7,383. Promo ends: 31 Mar 15. Click to get to the Emirate's website.
  • expired:: 2015-03-31

Athens from ZAR 8,254. Promo ends: 31 Mar 15. Click to get to the Emirate's website.
  • expired:: 2015-03-31

Memorable family holidays in the sun with Emirates. Click to get to the Emirate's website.
  • expired:: 2015-06-30

Memorable family holidays in the sun with Emirates. Click to get to the Emirate's website.
  • expired:: 2015-07-31

Dubai Summer Specials: Avail the bonus nights + 'kids go free' offers when booking Dubai holidays with Emirates. Click below to find the offer.
  • expired:: 2015-09-21

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More about Emirates:

Emirates Airline

Emirates Airways is based in Dubai and owned by the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai. Nowadays it is believed to be one of the best airlines in the world that is also one of two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates home page

“Where will tomorrow take you?” – this catchword welcomes us when we get on Emirates.com website. This is the booking site operated by one of the greatest airlines in the world – Emirates. The company offers great variety of destinations all over the globe. What does it offer? The fantastic possibility to be physically connected to the world! With Emirates, you can go wherever you wish for!

Growing and modifying

Emirates is a company that originates from United Arabian Emirates – country developing rapidly and having unbelievable capabilities in economy. Its headquarters is located in Dubai, one of the most fantastic cities in the world. As befits such origin and localisation, Emirates enchants the world with their approach to business matters and, first of all, by keep growing. Not only is Emirates one of the youngest airlines in the world with one of the youngest fleets, but also it operates in the most modern way. The way that embraces updating organisational solutions, modifying methods of management and, last but not least, permanent modernisation of used appliances. The results are the best of possible – unstoppable growth that makes Emirates one of the biggest airlines in the world already, with possibilities of being the largest one in the near future. What’s more, Emirates is the best in creating alliances – close cooperation with Australian flying carrier, Quantas, makes the duo main in Southern Asian and Pacific regions.

Endless list of destinations

Emirates is globally recognised for its available destinations, which is the result of above way of thinking. As said, it’s an airline of endless possibilities in all possible meanings of the word. We can check it out on the company’s website given above – just click on Destinations and you’ll find it impossible to read the entire list.

This is the first point of distinguishing Emirates out of any other flying carriers. So, booking a fly via their website is a great pleasure – so many places to be chosen! Technically it’s pretty easy too – just tap your dreamed destination, date, favourite class (economy or business) and enjoy your journey!

The price does matter

What is main factor of choosing flying carrier by people except the matter of available destinations? It’s the price. That is why Emirates attempts to make the costs of their flights as cheap as possible and affordable for most of South Africans. Now none of places in the world is unavailable! This is the field in which Emirates let the country to be closer to the world.

Look for flights at Emirates

Emirates voucher code

Want to make the prices even lower? There’s such possibility. The described flying carrier offers you special Emirates voucher code which is the way to take advantage from some kind of discount, occasion, etc. How does it work? It’s a child’s play! The process of using money off codes and coupons starts from opening Picodi.com/za where you can find plenty of special offers from various companies. While being on the site, write in “Emirates” in the given search box and number of results will be displayed. You can choose from a number of offers and if you will be interested in using one or more of them, confirm the choice by clicking “Get the Deal” or "Reveal the code" option. By doing so, you'll be redirected to the Emirates’ website to finalise the booking process. What can these codes refer to? There’re many options. This can contain lower ticket prices, special discounts for some concrete destinations, favourable conditions for a particular flight, etc. Take your pick and be satisfied!

Level of services

Emirates Airline

As befits rapidly growing company, Emirates stands out by its level of services. What’s important, it refers to each class. Every passenger is treated in a very individual way and can feel as a special guest. The flight service will make everything they can to satisfy client, including unusual situations and wishes. If someone doesn’t have them, can count on delicious meals, possibility to listen to the music, watch movies, etc. Everything that can make the journey even more pleasant and comfortable. Emirates is, as you can see, a company directed to the customer. That’s the way it should be!

Emirates' user friendly website

User-friendly website

The final argument for choosing Emirates as a basic airline should be the arrangement of their website. The Emirates booking website gives everything clear, easy to be found and maximally available, even for less experienced Internet user. This approach lets South Africans to use the website in a comfort way and, as a result, take advantage from fantastic offer supplied by Emirates. The company of unlimited possibilities!

About Be There | Emirates Airline on Youtube