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Bolt South Africa

Are you fed up with walking or using public transport all the time? We would be too! That is why we can recommend you to get familiar with Bolt South Africa. If you always have your smartphone at hand, that is a perfect opportunity to move around your town whenever you wish. Just call Bolt driver using your application, get in his car, sit back and get to your destination for the reasonable price! Do not hesitate or worry as the best quality service will be provided! Moreover, you can get Bolt free rides from time to time.

How to get free Bolt rides?

And if you dream of Bolt free rides, then it is not impossible to fulfill! Visit Picodi South Africa as often as possible in order to check the newest deals and Bolt coupon codes. Stay up to date with Bolt promotions with the help of Picodi and enjoy your savings! Who knows, maybe you will come across a Bolt free ride or Bolt promo codes for existing users?
Moreover, remember to visit Picodi in order to get your Bolt code promo if you have not used the app yet. Taxify first ride is awaiting you!

How to book a ride with Bolt discount:

  1. When you’re on Picodi’s website, type ‘Bolt into the search box.

  2. Your available Bolt codes or promos will be displayed below.

  3. Some of the deals are ongoing but some may end soon so pay attention! Click on the green tab to get the code.

  4. Open 'Promotions' section in your Bolt App and enter the code.

  5. Your discount will be applied immediately.

  6. Enter your pickup location and confirm. Your booking is now complete.

  7. Enjoy your Bolt ride for less! 

Bolt Black Friday

Every year Bolt prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.