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Missguided is an online store that aims to provide customers with the best that the fashion world has to offer.  Fresh and vibrant catwalk looks and celebrity inspired women’s fashion combined with prices affordable for everyone is their key to success.

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Apart from UK, Missguided operates in the USA, Australia, and Europe. It provides its customers with the latest trends, luxurious catwalk looks and celebrity fashion. On Missguided you can browse through such fashion categories as clothing, dresses, footwear and accessories. The store’s permanent offer there is also “Sweet Deal” that includes dresses, tops, skirts, leggings and playsuits at amazing, lower prices. The “New In” category informs the shop’s visitors about the latest additions to the Missguided range of products. The store’s aim is to make its customer satisfied and happy; that is why it regularly offers a variety of money-saving discounts to be used online. Thanks to theMissguided promo codes, customers can very often save on the delivery costs or the purchased products.

How to use Missguided discount codes?

If you want to do wonderful shopping in MISSGUIDED by using promo codes, thanks to which you will pay less, complete the following steps. Below this detailed description you will find a short version of the instruction, which can speed up your shopping.

Missguided website

Step 1: Search for Missguided on Picodi

First you have to decide whether to overspend or save. As the second option seems more seducing, find MISSGUIDED shop on our website. In the search engine type the name of the shop and click Search.

Step 2: Two types of discount buttons for Missguided

You are now on a webpage of the shop. Take a close look at the available codes. The green button means that the discount is still available and you can pay less just by using it. As you can see, there are two types of buttons:

Reveal the Code button

Indicates that you have to enter a Missguided discount code (the information about where, how and when to do it is placed below).

Get the Deal button

Indicates that the shop itself offers discounts on many products and the Missguided promo code is unnecessary.

Step 3: Pick your favourite Missguided promo code or deal

Each code is briefly described. You will find there information concerning which products are qualified for discount and for which products you can use the promo code. Determined to keep your savings untouched in the piggy bank, click the code that interests you.

Step 4: Visiting shop's website with Missguided promo code or discount

The website of the shop opens in a new tab. 

If you clicked the Reveal the Codebutton, the most interesting element for you is the Coupon code. You will have to enter it in the appropriate field in Your Bag section (more information below).

If you clicked the Get the Deal button, you won't find any code there, but the note that you are in the discount area. You don't need any code there, as the products are already offered at a reduced price.

Step 5: Shopping on

You are now faced with the most important part of the shopping: you have to choose a product. The box with the promo code is visible all the time, so you don't need to write the code down. Among hundreds of skirts, shirts, jackets, shoes and dresses there's definitely a product that appeals to you more than anything. As an example, we will use Audrey Bustier Ombre Skater Dress. After careful consideration, when you are perfectly sure that you're buying the best dress in the world, click ADD TO BAG button.

shopping on Missguided webstore

The dress has been added to your bag. To continue the shopping, go to YOUR BAG by clicking VIEW BAG/PAY SECURILY button which displays in a new window for a moment or by clicking Bag in the upper right corner of the window.

Step 6: The Bag

You are now in your bag. You can see the product you are buying, if you want to change the size or quantity you can still go back to the product's webpage. When everything is ready, pay attention to the area where you must enter the promo code. Note that shops use various names for it and place the promo code field in various places. In this case, look for the field which we marked in the frame:

Missguided promo code box

Step 7: Entering your Missguided promo code

Now it's time to enter the promo code visible in the bar. You can now copy the code by clicking "copy code to clipboard". After you copy it, paste it in the field marked in the Step 6. You can also just type the code in the field. Click APPLY.

Step 8: Proceeding to the checkout

The voucher code is already applied. In this case, if you come from the United Kingdom, the dream dress will get to you for free! There are two options of delivery: next day delivery and standard delivery. At the end of your shopping, you will see that you are charged only for the product you've ordered, and not for the delivery. That's how the shopping should look like! Now you have to fill in some important information, click CHECKOUT NOW.

Step 9: Registering an account

If you already have an account in the shop, just sign in and continue to the next step. If you have never done shopping in Missguided before, you have to register. Enter your first name and email address in the appropriate fields and continue to the next page by clicking CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

Step 10: Specifying your address

On the next page, you have to provide information concerning your delivery address, so that your FREE delivery is successful. You can also specify your date of birth. All the fields marked with the asterisk sign are required. When you finish filling in the information, click NEXT STEP.

Step 11: Delivery method

Now you have to choose the delivery method.

Step 12: Payment method

Next thing you have to do is to choose the way you want to pay. As on the previous page, you have more than one option to choose from, so select the one that suits you best.

Step 13: Confirmation of your order

You've made it! All the necessary information is already there, just make sure that in this excitement you didn't make any mistakes. Click CONFIRM AND PAY. Now you are redirected to the website where you make the payment. See? You pay only for the product you've ordered!

Everything is ready! The order is complete, the product of your dreams is ready to be sent to you. And thanks to the coupon code you have saved on the delivery costs in this case. The online shopping has never been so easy and pleasant. Now you can tell your friends on Facebook that you have saved some money by buying on our website. And what next? Just sit comfortably in your chair and wait for the courier to arrive!


  • On the search the shop and choose a product.
  • In your bag, in the promo code field enter the Missguided promo code visible in the bar in the upper part of the window and apply the code.
  • Enter the necessary information and choose the delivery and payment options.
  • Confirm the order and pay.

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