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About Littlewoods

Thanks to our wonderful promotional codes, you can save a lot of money buying at Littlewoods. Just think of all those things which are waiting for you and which you can afford! And we assure you, there are tons of them as Littlewoods is one of the best and biggest department stores in the United Kingdom!

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At Littlewoods, you can basically find everything you want or need. Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are shopping for yourself or for your children or family, you are bound to be satisfied with what's on offer. The extremely easy to navigate Littlewoods website will provide you with numerous categories of top-quality products - ranging from women's, men's and children clothing to home and garden equipment. Each category consists of tons of varied products that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

To make the shopping at Littlewoods even more comfortable, the website offers you a free delivery to your door and doesn't mind if you decide to return your item if it somehow doesn't meet your expectations. The returns are free of charge, although they must be conduced withing the 28 day approval period and the purchased products must not be used.

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After reading all this great stuff about shopping at Littlewoods, surely you must be wondering how Littlewoods promo codes work? Nothing simpler, read the following instruction and everything will become clear. There's also a short version at the end for those who don't like reading a lot.

How to use Littlewoods promotion codes

Step 1: Search for Littlewoods on Picodi

First thing you have to do is to choose between overspending and saving. Isn't the second option more seducing? We believe it is. Search for Littlewoods on our website.

Step 2: Two types of discount buttons

On the next page there are codes indicating discounts offered by Littlewoods. Look at them carefully. At the top of the page there are red codes, which means that they are still valid. The grey ones below are expired. There are two types of buttons that you can click:

Reveal the Code button

this button points out that there is a Littlewoods discount code to use later on at checkout

(we will show you later where to find that code and how to use it)

Get the Deal button

this button points to a general discount, which means that you don't need to enter any Littlewoods codes.

Step 3: Choose your Littlewoods voucher code or promotion

Each Littlewoods promo code is briefly described. You can find out what are the ways to save your money, for example what kind of products can be purchased at a lower price. Read each of them and then decide which one you think is the most beneficial. Click the button.

Step 4: Visit Littlewoods with our voucher code or deal

You are redirected to the shop's website. There is something more, though, than just the shop's website. We have designed a special bar that you can see on the top part of the page. You can find there all the information you will need to shop with promotional codes. Depending on what you clicked before, there can be two kinds of content: If you clicked the button, you will see a promotional code that you will use later. Don't write it down or copy it right now, the bar is there all the time. If you clicked the button, you will see a note that no code is required and that there's a general discount.

WARNING: If you can see nothing more than our bar and a message, you must disable your AdBlock extension. Once you do it, you will be able to continue the shopping.

Step 5. Shopping at Littlewoods (since now we will focus on our Littlewoods promotional codes)

When you know every detail of our incredible bar, it's time to begin shopping. Of course, this won't be very easy. Littlewoods is a great shop and has so much on offer that it's extremely hard to decide what to buy. At Littlewoods you can choose from categories such as:

  • Clothing
  • Entertainment
  • Home & garden
  • Electricals
  • Jewellery

Nokia Lumia price at Littlewoods

Take it easy. Take your your time, you can choose the products as long as you want to. When the decision is made, go the product's page and click Add to Basket.

Step 6: Go to the shopping basket

If that's everything you want to buy, go to your basket and review it. If everything is okay, click Continue Securely.

Step 7: Sign in or sign up

On the next page you have two options to choose from. If you are a registered customer, it's enough that you'll sign in and continue. If you are new here, you have to register.

Step 8: Provide crucial information

Then you are asked to give your personal details. Fill in each required field carefully. Give your name and address and choose delivery and payment methods.

Step 9: Enter Littlewoods promotional code

While you are in the checkout, you have to do one more thing – enter the Littlewoods promotional code! It's finally the time to check how much you will save. Search for the area where the code is accepted. Remember that each shop designs its website differently and such area with the field for entering the promo code may be somewhere else and the name can also vary.

a special place to enter the Littlewoods promotion code

Step 10: Submit Code

Once you spot the field, copy the Littlewoods code from our bar or just type it in the field. Enter!

Step 11: Pay for the products

The last step to complete is to pay for the products you have chosen. You can now see how much money will stay in your wallet. Isn't that great? Just think how much you would have to pay if we hadn't provided you with those wonderful codes.

Littlewoods payment process

Step 12: Enjoy the discount

Now that everything is ready, you can enjoy the discount. Call your friends and family and tell them about us and our codes. Your new purchase is already on the way to you, so don't go anywhere and wait patiently for the courier to arrive. Oh well, you can go to the kitchen and prepare a coffee.

Short version:

  • Visit our website on and look for Littlewoods.
  • Select a promotion, products and go to your basket.
  • In the checkout, copy the Littlewoods promo code from our bar.
  • Apply the code and finish the shopping.

If you have liked what's on offer at Littlewoods, feel free to visit our other partners' deparment stores like House of Fraser, Boohoo and Marks & Spencer.

Every year Littlewoods prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.

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