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Any time is right to book your holidays. In fact, some people prefer to go abroad to rest at the beginning of the year, while others want to spend the end of the year somewhere lovely. Whenever you are looking for a holiday or a business trip, don’t hesitate to visit Traveloka – your online booking buddy.

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Everybody is looking for different things when you plan their journey. Some just want to book their flights because they have their accommodation sorted out, whereas others travel by car and merely need a place to sleep. There are also those who want the whole package because they just don’t have time to look for each aspect of their travel. Whichever group you belong to, Traveloka is there to help you every step of the way.

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So where do you start? Simply state your destination, the dates you’re interested in and you will soon unveil some very affordable options. For example, if you only want to book your flight, enter the options you want and choose the fare which is the most appropriate for you. Traveloka has partnered up with plenty of domestic and international airlines for you to choose from. You can now get the best service for the best possible price at all times.

When you want to book a hotel, your budget may be one of the things to take into consideration. Fortunately, Traveloka has got a lot to offer when it comes to holiday accommodation so that you and your family and friends can stay in comfortable conditions and within your financial means. No more taking loans just because you want to go away to recharge your batteries!

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Why should you buy with Traveloka and no other site or by yourself? All of the accommodation and flight options are in one place so you don’t have to waste time on getting quotes from tons of websites and service providers. Moreover, the prices you see are final which means you don’t need to think about additional charges or taxes. It helps you plan your trip in more detail! You can be sure that when you pay, the transaction is safe and your money will not be lost. It will give you the peace of mind you need.

Want to see more promotions and save even more money? Click on Promos to see all ongoing ones and to check if they are in line with your planning. It might happen that you will spend even less than you thought. There is one more thing. Also if you are not yet sure where and how you want to go, you can search for inspiration by reading Traveloka’s blog. You will find useful advice and helpful information about specific destinations and what to expect in that country upon arrival. It’s your best friend.

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Nothing is stopping you in your pursuit of a dream holiday or affordable business trip. The only thing you need is the first step – as comfortable and convenient as possible to take. Simply:

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  • Don’t forget to check the expiration date – not all promotions are ongoing. Click on it and you will be taken to Traveloka’s website.
  • Select your holiday/flight/hotel and book the most affordable option. Finish the booking and pay directly. You don’t have to worry about anything else!
  • Make sure you pack all the essentials and take your passport. Bon Voyage!

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