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Travelling can take many forms, but one thing doesn’t change. Packing. Hardly anyone likes to do it, but it’s necessary to take everything we need with us. What we pack our stuff into is another story. How many times did your travel bags just ripped only because you packed too many things inside? Avoid this kind of situation and visit the store which will offer you the best possible travel gear ever – Samsonite.

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When you plan your journey, be it for pleasure or business, you know more or less how many things you need to take and what kind of bag would be the most appropriate. It’s better to purchase ones that will always serve you the way they should rather than shopping for new ones now and then. So once you know what you need, you can search through the catalog of hard side luggage, soft luggage, cabin, medium, large and extra-large. You will easily find a perfect bag for your needs, and you’ll quickly see why Samsonite is the best at making them.

A perfect bag

Some of us don’t like to travel with suitcases, and it would be pretty hard to go trekking with one. Backpacks are a much smarter choice in certain situations, and Samsonite can help you in that as well. You can shop for business backpacks which have been designed to keep your paperwork, and business laptops safe and sound at all times. Forget about documents that wrinkle or a computer that can break in transport – Samsonite will take care of them. You can also choose lifestyle backpacks which are perfect for your everyday use, for example, if you need something elegant (Zafia) or you’re a tourist and need something light (Airette). Pick and choose to your taste for a great experience, whatever it may be.

Great backpacks at Samsonite

Are you short in the bag department? Fear not, Samsonite has got you covered here too. You can look for a briefcase which is an essential accessory for any businessman. It will keep your phone, wallet and most important documents untouched. Ladies will find a selection of tote bags, which are great both for a business day at the office and in the evening when they need to keep all of their essentials close by. If they need something smaller, a selection of handbags will also serve them. Students and those who are on the move all the time will find it very handy to shop for shoulder bags. They are light, comfortable and always at hand.

Perfect suitcases

If you want to explore the entire store, don’t forget about sales and promotions offered by Samsonite. You will find fantastic quality for a great price. These items are just as good, but they need to be sold to make space for new collections, in which case you can save money and shop for spot-on quality at the same time. If this truly is what you want, you’re in the right place!

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If you’re searching for items which are absolutely the best and you don’t want to spend too much on them, don’t worry. You can have the best of two worlds by taking these simple steps:

  • Subscribe to receive offers to your mailbox. When you get them, go to Picodi to view the most up to date ones.
  • Click on the deal you like the most and if there is a coupon code, copy it. If there isn’t such a thing, go to Samsonite’s store directly.
  • Use category menu on the top of the page to navigate and spot items you want. When you see one, click on it and read details.
  • Choose size and color, if applicable.
  • Add your item to your cart and continue shopping. When finished, go to your checkout and confirm everything is ok. Add your coupon code and apply it. Make the payment and wait for the delivery to come.


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