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The new face of Cutting-Edge

Mobile phones came to our lives as a breath of fresh air, enabling us to contact others wherever and whenever. Later on, it helped us preserve memories by taking photos. Any situation we found ourselves in could now be stored onto the device other than the traditional camera. With the rise in global technology, our phones became more advanced and helped us do more things. Infinix Mobility has gone one step farther. With a stunning design and cutting-edge technology, it is now a leader in mobile telecommunications devices.

PK Infinix S2

Picodi values interesting designs and intricate finishing and wants you to get all that for less. When you subscribe, you can receive tailored deals and offers to major shops and outlets in Pakistan and internationally. It’s free, it’s convenient and the intuitive design allows for hassle free use every day.

The infinity of design

A mobile device is now much more than just a technological means of contacting other people. It is now our connection to the world of online news as well as an accessory. With that in mind, the Infinix Pakistan designers have created a range of products that meet the needs of even the most sophisticated users. When you need your mobile phone to be elegant and stylish, this is the best place to find such a device.

PK Infinix XOS

Infinix Mobility aims to bring the international spirit to your life by mixing different trends with the most cutting-edge solutions in technology. It wants to make your life easier and more convenient, at the same time, not letting you compromise on style and design.

If your priority is taking pictures wherever you are and whatever situation you find yourself in, pick up your Infinix Zero mobile phone. Its autofocus is spotless and its pro mode camera control lets you adjust the shot to your liking WHILE you are taking it. It reduces the amount of retouching you would normally do afterwards, which saves you time and often money. Choose from Zero 4 or Zero 4 Plus depending on the amount of data you want to store on the device.

PK Infinix Note

If the long lasting battery is what you’re after, you might be interested in Infinix Note. Its claim to charge in only 5 minutes and give you 200 minutes of talk is not an overstatement as users have already appreciated this ultra-practical feature. The fingerprint secure lock doesn’t allow anyone else to use your phone which is especially handy when you store important data on it. Note is also best when you want to watch movies in high resolution with uncapped color and pixel quality.

Want to see what’s HOT this season? Fantastic sound resolution is what you need when you use your phone for music. Whether you’re a pro musician or just a listener, you will appreciate the 3D stereo surrounding and spectacular screen paired up with the battery’s amazing durability.

PK Infinix delivery

Infinix vouchers

The list above isn’t exhaustive of the products Infinix mobility brings you but there’s even more great news. You can enjoy all of that and more at a much lower price when you know how to use vouchers and promotions provided by Picodi. You just need to:

  1. Find the right deal for yourself and click on it. Should you find a voucher code, simply copy it. If there isn’t any, you will be taken onto Infinix’s website to browse the promotional offer.
  2. Don’t forget to subscribe to Picodi site if you want to be informed whenever a new deal is published!
  3. Start looking for a perfect mobile device for you or for another person. It’s a tough decision because all of them feature useful add-ons that come handy in the most unexpected situations.
  4. When you see the one you like, click ‘Buy Now’ and go to Mall.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. Customize your item, if possible, by choosing the color and quantity.
  6. Confirm by making the payment.

PK Infinix store

This is it, you are now officially the owner of cutting-edge technology, for which you didn’t have to pay as much as you’d think. Want to know more about Picodi Pakistan and what it can do for you? Check out Daraz and Souq.

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