More about PTCL:

PTCL hello to the future is the leading information and Communication technology service provider in Pakistan which meets with the satisfaction of the customers and maximises shareholder’s value.

The company’s vision is to be the leader. PTCL organises environment that fosters motivation, professionalism and quality. The environment is effective and quality conscious. All the services are based on the optimum technology of quality and time. The profitability is earned by the sustained growth. 
Pakistan PTLC landline number

On the website except for information about the shop, you will be able to find devices and services connected in the category called phone, Internet, Smart TV and service Bundles. On the website, you can purchase unlimited calls or 3G Evo Wingle which is the first USB WiFi that connects devices simultaneously and Smart TV charges.

PTCL is the fastest growing wireless coverage network which covers virtually the entire country. The company employees and uses the latest 3G technology and is currently expanding the coverage of the network to make sure that the customer is always connected to the network.  The company uses EVO 3G wireless system, which includes EVO Wireless Upgrade Offer, Smart TV Application for EVO Wireless Broadband, Fair Usage Policy, EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD FAQs, EVO 3G bill payment, EVO 3G 3.1 Coverage Area, 3G EVO 3.1 Re-connect, Public Cash Payment Machine, EVO Widest Wireless Coverage, EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD, EVO 3G Packages, Drivers and Softwares.

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On the website, you will find also the latest interesting offers such as for example Lagataar Offer, which brings your Smart TV, Broadband and Landline all together all with 4Mbps Triple Play Bundle. The next one is CharJi EVO Cloud which is a dual mode mobile hotspot device that manages to connect up to 10 gadgets through Wi-Fi at the same time. 3GEVO Wingle 9.3 is the first USB Wi-Fi in Pakistan which succeeds in connecting multiple Wi-Fi devices. You can use it in your home to connect a laptop, desktop you can also connect it with your car USB port, cigarette lighter charger or any other power socket in your home and office. And after that feel free to use hyper speeds up to 9.2 Mbps in more than 250 cities nationwide.

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In the shop, you will find categories which will lead you to the service you are looking for. Among them there is one called Phone, Internet, Smart TV and Service Bundles and several subcategories such as landline, V-fone, boarding, Evo and Charji, Smart TV and Smart TV app, Freedom Unlimited Package, Freedom Plus Package, U Freedom Package, PTCL Utalk Offer, Smart Link, Value Added Services, Vfone Ring Back Tone Service.

The website also offers services for business clients. You will find a bunch of services and solutions for your company. 

Pakistan PTLC Charji

There are several ways of getting additional discounts from this operator. You should check the standard promotions which are being offered on the website. You can find them of course on the website but also among others deals in the company’s newsletter and social media canals such facebook, twitter and others. Also keep in mind that the promotions are widely offered to the clients having long contracts with this supplier

Pakistan PTLC 4Mbps

The amount of the discounts is big this is why you should always visit our website first, where in one place there are collected all PTCL discount coupons with a short description of the current promotions and conditions. If you find an interesting code just click it and this website will take you directly to the store. While finalising the purchasing you will notice the discount code box in which you should rewrite obtained previously discount coupon. It will be automatically added to your order and the price will be reduced.

Every year PTCL prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.