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Hotels In Bali From US$15


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Provide this promo code at checkout to receive 33% discount on your stay. Make a reservation via ZUZU Hotels.
  • expired: 2017-07-23

Provide this promo code at checkout to receive 33% discount on your stay. Make a reservation via ZUZU Hotels.
  • expired: 2017-07-21

Make a reservation through ZUZU Hotels and thanks to this promo code, enjoy 30% discount on your stay. Offer is available for limited time only!
  • expired: 2017-03-30

Provide this promo code at checkout to receive 33% discount on your stay. Make a reservation via ZUZU Hotels.
  • expired: 2017-06-28

By usage of this promo code, you can save up to 27% on your bookings. Redeem the code upon checkout.
  • expired: 2017-02-18

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Looking for a budget hotel?


There is a great number of people, who enjoy traveling and spend tons of money on journeys. The experience of getting to know other cultures and exotic places is priceless. But if there’s one thing that you can save some money on — is the accommodation. Why spend a lot on a hotel if you’re only going to spend few hours there, most of which you will spend being asleep? It makes more sense to save some money on accommodation and spend this cash on your next trip. But choosing a budget hotel is quite a hassle. While some are quite all right, there’s a number of dreaded hotels, which seem like taken straight out of a B class horror movie. Being cheap does not relieve them from providing basic amenities like clean room and hot water. Yes, maybe they don’t need to have silk and velvet bed sheets, but even budget rooms should have comfortable beds. Even pricing is odd - we assume that almost every traveller found himself at least once comparing prices of hotels with very similar conditions, but very different prices. What dictates this discrepancy? We don’t know. But we do know what you can do to make choosing a budget hotel much easier. Just use ZuzuHotels and find quality stays for budget prices.


About the company

ZuzuHotels makes it very easy to find and book a room. They work with number of hotels, so you can find everything you need on one website. They have partners in great locations in every major city in Asia. What they do is quite simple — they partner with hotels in a way that benefits both customers and managers. ZuzuHotels team thoroughly verifies the conditions, prices and location of every partner hotel, so you can rest assure that booking through ZuzuHotels will result only in a great stay experience at fantastic price. Also the trouble of choosing between different hotels is minimized, because they have only three simple categories based on your needs to choose from: Economy, Standard and Premium. Every hotel in the same category will provide the same standard of services at a fixed low price, so basically all you have to choose is a location.

Added value of booking one of the ZuzuHotels


ZuzuHotels does not only provide you with thousands of hotels in one place, but they also offer you some great perks that comes with innovative way of conducting business. Even though they work hard to assure you the best possible price, every now and then, they organize special promotions. Signing up for their newsletter gives you access to coupon codes and exclusive deals. You don’t even have to worry about your payment information - you don’t have to provide it to some shady hotel managers. Everything is safe, because it’s secured by ZuzuHotels. Hotel rooms provided by ZuzuHotels are equipped with free Wi-Fi and comfortable beds, but also in-room shower and air conditioning! Apart from that, you get a free breakfast to charge your batteries for the whole day of sightseeing. Also, every time that you choose ZuzuHotels, you get Zuzu Reward - if you collect ten of those, you get 1 free night to redeem. ZuzuHotels is powered by great technology, so you can do everything online through your computer or mobile app on your phone. Because there’s no need to complicate things - all you need to choose is a destination, check in and check out date, the number of guests and the number of rooms, after that, just click search and you will see the list of available rooms and hotels. Of course, if you want - you can use to see only one category like economy, standard or premium.

Listing of available rooms

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