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Can you imagine your life without internet? Of course not, you wouldn’t even be able to read this text if it wasn’t for internet connection in your home, office or on your mobile device. However, what is it that makes you choose one internet provider over the other? Is it the price, the uncapped quality or the download plans? If you are searching for a provider for the first time or you want to switch, you can do it with Time – your go-to place for all things internet.

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Picodi operates on the internet and provides its users with coupons and offers. Available each day of the year and ultimately free is everyone’s favorite website whenever they want to purchase something on the internet. Be sure to check all of its features and visit frequently.

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It’s tough to make one plan that works for everyone and Time is perfectly aware of that. It is why it offers you a tailored one that will meet all of your requirements and fulfill all your needs. How? By giving you precisely what you expect.

Your personal broadband needs may differ entirely from those of a business person. At home, we often want to watch our favorite shows and films, listen to music and live stream concerts. We also want to read magazines and be able to chat with friends and family. It is why the broadband deal is often connected with a landline deal. Choose the one that helps you get the most of your spare time at a minimum cost.

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Small business owners may not be able to pay for live streaming, but they may need more data capacity to store their documents and essential data. With small business plans, you can download and upload quickly and at the same time, and you can enjoy low contention. Owners of such businesses don’t need to worry about the installation because trained and experienced staff will take care of all of it.

If you run a big enterprise, you will be happy to hear that with Time plans you will be able to reach both your domestic and international clients without any problem. You can also enjoy fantastic security solutions that will help you safeguard your data and information. Regardless of the size of your company, Time is here to ensure smooth operations and the security of both your clients and colleagues.

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For users who value convenience, it’s important to know that they can access their account quickly and effortlessly. The online portal lets you manage your settings, view billing and make payments. This way you have everything under one roof, and you don’t need to worry about visiting multiple websites or places. One of the most important things that parents are interested in when buying broadband is parental control. It is built into the router the company provides you with, which means you get it no matter what! Protect your little ones from content they should not watch and be sure they use the internet in the way intended for them.

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Make sure that you always get the best possible deal on everything you buy. All you need to do is find out about the deals and use them at the right time and at the right place. How?

  • Subscribe to Picodi to see if there are any great deals available. If there are, just click on one and copy the promotional code. To make sure you use it on time, check the expiration date.
  • Go to Time’s website to see if there is a plan that suits your needs. If you need help finding it, contact the customer service. They will be able to advise you.
  • If you do find a suitable plan, click on it and follow the instructions on the website.
  • If you decide to do it online, leave your card details so that the provider can charge you with the right amount.
  • Your installation date will soon be set so look forward to it.

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TIME Internet, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!

Frequently asked questions about discounts on TIME Internet

1. How to use TIME Internet promo codes?

TIME Internet does not provide shoppers with promo codes. However, discounts and gift offers can be found instead.

2. What kinds of codes and promos can I find at TIME Internet?

TIME Internet is Malaysia’s fastest broadband that provides customers with up to RM200 discount on broadband plans. Apart from discounts, new subscribers can enjoy exclusive gifts, for 24-months contracts, such as wireless headphones or one month of subscription for free. Once a month, you can also enjoy rewards via Time Internet App, namely, you receive vouchers to use at the participating outlets.

3. How much can I save buying on sale at TIME Internet?

Currently, you can get an RM100 discount on all plans if you are a new subscriber, provided that is it a 24-month contract. No discounts apply when you select No Lock-In Contract. People registered as Person(s) with Disabilities or OKU are entitled to get RM10 off their bill every month. Receive a surprise voucher on the 15th of each month at participating merchant’s outlets on TIME Internet App. Previously, you could get up to RM200 when you referred your friends by sharing a special link. You could also get RM10 off each month on 500Mbps or 1Gbps for 24-month plans. Additionally, when you chose the TIME Fibre Home broadband 500Mbps or 1Gbs, you could get Sony WH-CH510 wireless headphones for free.

4. Does TIME Internet offer free shipping?

Shop offers installation services, an Optical Network Unit, and a Wi-Fi router for free. Sign up and choose a suitable date for the installation.

5. Does TIME Internet offer a discount on my first purchase?

Yes, new customers receive RM100 off on all personal plans, namely, 100Mbps, 500Mbps, and 1Gbps with a 24-month contract.

6. Does TIME Internet offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions?

TIME Internet does not offer special Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions. However, you can get RM100 off your first bill thanks to the regular offer. All other Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions are always available at Picodi Malaysia. Don’t forget to visit Black Friday and Cyber Monday dedicated subpages when the time comes.

7. What should I do when my TIME Internet coupon code doesn't work?

Check the website for current promotions and discounts. If you don’t get RM100 off your first bill, go to the “Support” section and go through terms and conditions. You can also call a special number that you will find on the TIME Internet landing page.

8. How do TIME Internet returns work?

If you want to terminate your 24-month contract plan subscription, you need to pay an RM500 penalty or if you have any questions regarding the promotions, just contact TIME Internet at 1800 18 1818 or You can also choose TIME Internet Live Chat by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner or send a message on Facebook.

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