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This book company was launched thirty two years ago. Today, it has become a well-known name in every household in Malaysia. Popular has eighty nine stores across the nation. Popular Book Company has been recognised by the Malaysian Book of Records as the biggest book stores’ chain in the country. It has three large stores in Penang, Johor Bahru and the Klang Valley. All these stores offer a relaxing atmosphere for customers who want to have a great browsing and reading experience. Popular Book Company has three other core business functions in the form of publishing, distributing and providing e-learning. It has become a retailer of books that is totally customer-centric. 

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Tri-Lingual Bookstore

Popular Book Company serves as a one-stop shop for people who are interested in English, Chinese and Malay book titles. It offers a vast variety of books in both non-fiction and fiction categories. It also offers books of general interest along with school textbooks besides a huge selection of stationery items, magazines, gift items, compact discs and various multi-media products. The book store also holds book fairs at regular intervals.

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The Mystery Shopper Program

Popular Book Store feels that an effective method of serving customers is through its mystery shopping program. A selected mystery shopper will be engaged by the store to test out the staff and also evaluate the service level. All customers of Popular Book Company can become its mystery shoppers if they are above twenty one years of age. These people could not be from among family members of the existing staff. A mystery shopper will have to do this -

Popular Bookstore The Mystery Shopper Program

The benefits of the mystery shopping program include a continuous experience of quality services that are provided by the Popular Book Company along with a free RM50 gift voucher for every store and this is assigned for every month.

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