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Alcohol is a tricky thing. On the one hand, it’s a fantastic addition to a meal or a gathering with friends. On the other, it’s very easy to go a bit too far with it and suddenly all the fun is gone. However, if you’re alcohol-conscieous and you know how to use it to your advantage and not let it take advantage of you, visit Boozeat – your Malaysian online store with all the favorite alcohol brands under one roof.

Drink better with Boozeat

Picodi encourages you and other users to have fun within healthy limits. Therefore, it informs you of any deals you may want to see on the Boozeat’s website. However, remember that there are other stores available on Picodi and even if you don’t feel like buying alcohol today, you can still check out other outlets as well.

Booz and eat

Why do people even need alcohol? Is it imperative to have it as often? Of course not, however, a particular kind goes very well with specific food products and it’s always nice to try something new. As long as the boundary is maintained, alcohol is a nice addition to social and formal gatherings, where people can open up and relax a little. A romantic dinner, a cocktail party with work colleagues or family brunch can take a completely different from when served with appropriate alcohol.

Buy one, get one

Ok, but why buy alcohol online? Have you ever been in a situation when you were looking for your favorite type and you couldn’t find it anywhere? Or you had to go to one store to get a beer and to another to get liquor for a party? With an online shop like Boozeat, you can find everything you need under one roof and make one bulk order. This way you will not have to waste time and energy on going around town.

Where do you start with shopping for alcohol? Probably with the kind you like the most. Some prefer wine to other alcohol, while others go for spirits. There is a group who firmly believes that beer is the superior kind. So whichever you like personally, you can use the categories available next to the search engine on the Boozeat’s website. This way you will only see relevant results. What then? How do you find the kind of wine that is of most interest for you? How do you search for your favorite whiskey? You can filter down your results according to the type, price, collection, country of origin and brand names. For example, if you are searching for a French, white wine made of a specific breed of the vine, you’ll see your favorite ones in no time.

Plenty of alcohol to choose from

Want to save some money at the same time? It’s easy! Check out HOT DEALS in which you can find alcohol on promotion. You can save money this way and it’s a savvy way to stock up on gifts before the holiday season comes. If you want to shop for presents in a more traditional form, go for gift sets which encompass a bottle of good quality alcohol and an extra little something. Finally, the SECRET MENU shows you limited-time promotions which are just too good to miss out on. Hurry up because once they are gone, they are gone forever!

Let's party with Boozeat!

Boozeat coupons

Make sure you make the most of your alcohol purchases. It’s not about buying too much but more of an investment for future ventures and gifts, or for your use. Simply:

  • Leave your email to subscribe to Picodi and to receive personalized mail about available promotions.
  • Come to Picodi and view all the promotions published at this time. Choose one and click on it. It may have a coupon code, in which case it should be copied and saved.
  • Go to Boozeat’s website and start searching for products. When you see what you like, you can add it to your cart. Select the size.
  • Once you have made up your mind, go to your cart and decide if you want to change anything. You can enter your coupon code and you will see the price drop.
  • Leave your card number to pay and confirm. Your payment has been placed.


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