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More about UberEATS:

New way of ordering food

Do you know Uber? The company that has taken the world by storm just by giving them a chance to take cheap taxi-like service and allow them to share it with other people at the same time. Growing demands of their customers have prompted them to open themselves to new opportunities and offer people a bigger range of services. One of them, uberEATS enables people almost all over Australia to receive food from their favourite restaurants much quicker and more conveniently.

Delicious food at UberEATS

Picodi is happy to help you enjoy even more with uberEATS. Promotional codes and discounts available on the website will empower everyone to take things into their own hands and save plenty of money on a daily basis. No code is ever invalid and no promotion will ever be out of date.


There are websites that make it possible to search through restaurant menus and order food on the spot. The problem with them is that there is always some sort of issue – they might not deliver to your neighbourhood. There is nothing more annoying than choosing the food you like, putting all that time and effort when your stomach is screaming for food, just to learn that this particular restaurant is too far away. uberEATS solves this problem because it’s just like their pick up-drop off service, the difference is that it’s for your meal.

UberEATS service

To start off, simply enter the name of the city or a zip code you live at. You will see available restaurants. Simply choose one of them and click to see available menu. There is a selection of uber-popular spots as well as those small venues that cook delicious meals but aren’t quite on the high street yet. It usually takes about 35 minutes from the moment you place your order to the finish so as you can see, it’s quite speedy.

As usual with Uber, you know what you see at the beginning of your order, is the total price. There are no hidden costs that everyone hates, and you don’t need to tip if you don’t want to. By logging into the vast Uber network, you are making your food ordering process much, much quicker and easier. Finally, with an Uber app you can place your order wherever you are. If you’re not at home or work and you don’t have access to your computer with internet connection, but rather sit in the park with friends or at the beach, or in the city centre, or basically anywhere in town, your phone with Uber app installed is all you need.

Tasty food


For partners

If you run a restaurant or take away business and you wish to expand your business, partner up with Uber. People are starting to realise that they have more choice with regards to food ordering and if you want them to become your customers, start selling through uberEATS. Make yourself visible on the Australian food map and make them love your food for prices which are both affordable and profitable for you. If the quality is good, uberEATS customers are happy.

Between a restaurant and the consumer, there’s always the middle man at Uber. Someone who knows the city like their own pocket, and who love to work with other people and provide services. By becoming a delivery partner, you can work at your own schedule and manage your own time. You can drive your own car, which you love, and earn by doing it. All Uber is asking for is providing an exceptional service to its customers. Requirements? You already meet most of them – you need to be of 19 years of age, have a driver’s licence and at least one year of driving experience, your own vehicle, insurance and registration and you must be able to lift up to 30 lbs (sometimes the orders might be big). As you can see, nothing is impossible with uberEATS.

UberEATS partner


Save big with uberEATS discount codes

If you’re one of those people who value their money and don’t want to spend more than necessary, Picodi is for you. Here’s how you save at uberEATS:

  1. Scroll up and you’ll see all available deals waiting to be used. Check the expiration date as you need to know when a promotion is going to end.
  2. Click on the deal and either go to uberEATS’ website straight away or copy the code.
  3. When on site, choose the restaurant you like. View menu, pick dishes you wish to eat and place your order.
  4. You can order for more people if you want so don’t be shy.
  5. You need to pay upfront, as you would when ordering an Uber car. It works the exact same way.
  6. Enjoy the food that came to you in less than 40 minutes.

Fast delivery

Now that your stomach is full you can explore further what Picodi has to offer. Check out deals for Sephora and GearBest.

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