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Travelling has changed so much in the past decades, and currently, most of us like to do it by plane. It's not a surprise since it's quicker, more convenient and often not that expensive as everybody thinks. However, what happens at the airport is a whole other story. If you're based in Melbourne and want to see what parking facilities are at your disposal, check out Ace Airport Parking today.

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Of course, you can take a taxi to the airport and not worry about a thing, but some people prefer to go by car and leave it in the parking space. If you are that person, Ace Airport Parking will provide you with all the amenities you may need. Why should you choose it?

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First of all, the parking space, whether you choose undercover or outdoor, is monitored. That extra security will give you some peace of mind when you travel out of town. When you leave your car, you can hop on a fast and hassle-free shuttle which will take you to the airport. The ride takes only 7 minutes which means you get plenty of time to get to your terminal. You have a choice between self-parking in which you take your keys with you or valet parking.

Additionally, if you travel frequently and you like the idea of reaching the airport by car, you can sign up for a loyalty scheme. Each time you use Ace, it will add the points to your account. Finally, if you own a business and plane travel is an integral part of your work, you can opt for corporate services as well.

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Although it's not mandatory that you pre-book your parking space, it's recommended to do so. First of all, you can save money with affordable pricing and promotions. Another thing is that your space is reserved which means you are guaranteed a spot. The check-in time will be much shorter as well.

If you're traveling from out of Melbourne, you might arrive a little bit early or a little bit later than the time you specified in your booking. As long as it's on the same day, it's perfectly fine. If, on the other hand, you must exceed your stay, you can do it with 'manage your booking' tab in your account. What is more, when you take the shuttle bus, but you are traveling with a small child, Ace will provide you with restraints for the child as well. All of that to ensure that you're all safe on your journey.

Another issue may be that you are traveling with a person who has disabilities. Ace Airport Parking can cater to such customers as well by providing them with specially prepared parking spots. Whenever you have an issue or a question relating to your parking service, you can contact customer assistants at any time.

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To avoid problems on arrival, use the website of Ace Airport Parking and book your services online. To do it cheaper, use Picodi and view how much money you can save. Follow the below guide and:

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  • When you choose one, click on it and copy the promo code. Go to Ace Airport Parking's website and search for services. You can get an instant quote when you enter your dates in the search box on the main page.
  • Register your account and book your services. Depending on the type, follow the instructions on the screen. When required, enter your code and make the payment. Go on your journey not worrying about parking.

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