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What is Yoco?

Yoco is a technology-driven, customer-centric organisation from South Africa. The main aim of the company is to empower the growth of entrepreneurs in Africa. The company focuses on helping small and medium businesses. Helping the companies grow is the most awesome reason for being active on the market. Yoco was built from the ground up to be different. They made small business our top priority.

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What is the history of the company?

Yoco was founded in 2013 and originally based in Cape Town, South Africa. Yoco has its own mission the empowerment and growth of entrepreneurs in Africa with the heart and headquarters in South Africa. The company does this by delivering smart technology that is able to accept payments and use this payments data to offer insights and automation to SMS. Processing this we help entrepreneurs get started, develop, run and grow their businesses.

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Who are the people behind the brand?

Yoco was founded by four friends who always knew they wanted to work together. They created the company after many discussions, meetings and ideas. They shared a passion for smart technology and a desire to help small business owners to let them grow. They started to be a small firm as well. When they went live with the first version of the Yoco app in October 2014 it was quite a success. They didn’t stop working, they have been working attentively with small groups of engaged businesses as it resulted in discussions about every aspect of the product and experience. Today, hundreds of businesses are signing up with Yoco every month and this is just a beginning.

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What is Yoco Wireless Pro?

The Yoco Wireless Pro is a powerful mobile card reader designed for small or big businesses or that person who want to have been active everywhere. They process a large number of transactions each day. If the company you run has customers queuing up at your counter to pay, then you need the Yoco Wireless Pro. Every day thousands of smaller and larger companies use Yoco solutions to accept payments by card. Thanks to Yoco, they become more professional and their revenues grow. See what entrepreneurs are choosing Yoco!

With Yoco, businesses can securely accept debit and credit card payments via the application on their mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Yoco is the only global company that has produced its own mobile terminal based on terminal and mobile applications.

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What is The Yoco Point of Sale App?

Under this name, there is a free point of sale app which is like a sidekick for your business.

This application helps you process card payments quickly and easily, manage your items and track your sales.

Everything you need to make better decisions and grow your business. You simply can look at your business
thriving and have it in the palm of your hand thanks to Yoco Point of Sale App.

What gives me Yoco Business Portal?

Yoco Gives Real-Time Insights, Immediate control and Hassle-free admin. All these you can have cheaper with discount codes and promotions from Picodi.

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Are there any discount coupons?

How to use discount coupons from the Picodi website? All you need to do is to find the appropriate category for the Yoco and then find the promotion or discount you are interested in. When you click on the top of the page, our discount code will be displayed. Copy it and save it for later. Then you can make peaceful choices on the company's website, and once you've put everything you need into the shopping cart, you can start finalising. At this point in the appropriate discount code enter your discount code and subtract the whole transaction for a certain promotion or discount. Just approve and simplify your costs in a simple, easy and pleasant way.

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