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Established in 1972 in Philadelphia, Urban Outfitters is an American company, previously known as Free People, offering high quality fashionable clothing for men and women in more than 400 retail stores. The brand specialising in such cultures and fashion data-styles as vintage, hipster, ironically humorous, kitschy, bohemian, or retro - the great range of original data-styles appeal to all the young people across the globe. The brand itself describes its target customers as people between 18 to 30 years old.

The aim of Urban Outfitters is to create an amazing shopping experience and provide their customers with an opportunity to pick their own original data-style. The Urban Outfitters online destination features such categories as:

  • Women's
  • Boutique
  • Men's
  • Home & Gifts
  • Brands
  • Sale

Urban Outfitters brings affordable fashion to the customers from all over the world. In addition to the good prices, the store offers many voucher codes and deals that lower the price of products even up to 50% off. Visit the Urban Outiftters’ SALE section to save on your shopping even up to 70% off.

How to use Urban Outfitters voucher codes?

Do you ever wonder why people overspend? Is it a trend? We don't think so, we believe that saving is far more fashionable. You can save with us, the only thing you have to do is to shop in Urban Outfitters with promotional codes. In the following instruction you will find all necessary information. If you want to skip the long version, there's a shortcut at the end of the description.

Urban Outfitters logo

Step 1: Search for Urban Outfitters on Picodi

The first step is very easy – decide whether you want to overspend or save. Let us remind you that overspending is out of vogue. Once you decide that you want to keep your money, search Urban Outfitters on our website.

Step 2: Two types of Urban Outfitters discount buttons

On the new page, you can see discounts that the shop offers. Look for the green buttons, only those promotions are still available. As you have noticed, there are two types of buttons. The difference is quite simple:

Reveal the Code button

Thanks to this button, you can save by entering an Urban Outfitters voucher code at a checkout (more information later).

Get the Deal button

Thanks to this button, you can continue your shopping without doing anything special, because the shop offers you general discount.

Step 3: Picking the best Urban Outfitters discount code

Look at the descriptions of the discount codes. You can learn what kind of products have lowered prices and in what cases discounts apply. Once you are familiar with each one of them, choose the one that you think is the best for you, then click the promotional code button.

Urban Outfitters sale

Step 4: Visiting the shop's website with your Urban Outfitters promo code or deal

You are now in the shop. We know that you can't wait to start the shopping but stay focused just a little bit longer. Look at the top part of the window – there's a special bar with all the necessary information. Such a simple thing but so helpful! Depending on what promotion you have chosen, there are two options:

If your choice was the Reveal the Code button, look at the promotional code. You don't have to memorize it or write it down, it's there all the time! We will tell you later how to use it.

If your choice was the Get the Deal button, you will be notified that you can pay less for your shopping without entering anything, because you are in the discount area.

Step 5: Shopping at Urban Outfitters

Now it's the most important part of your shopping – choosing the products. The shop has a variety of products on offer, clothes and gadgets are only a few examples. So go quickly to your wardrobe, see what is the missing piece, then check out your friends and their friends on Facebook to see what is the latest rage and search through the shop for that perfect thing. After some time, the tough decision is made. It's time to continue the shopping. As an example, we will use House of Holland Sequin Floral Sweatshirt. On the page of the product, click ADD TO BAG (see the image).

Urban Outfitters - adding products to the bag

Now you can go to your bag and see the order.

Step 6: Urban Outfitters Promotion Box

Besides your cool new outfit in your shopping bag, there's something that does the trick – a field where you can finally enter the magical code that saves money for you. For your convenience we have prepared an image to show where this field is:

Urban Outfitters discount code box

Beware though of the fact that this field can be placed somewhere else depending on the shop and it can be named differently. Keep your eyes open!

Step 7: Entering Urban Outfitters voucher code

Just copy the code or type it in the field shown in the image above. When the code is in the right place, click SUBMIT.

Step 8: Payment

When everything's ready, click PAY SECURILY NOW.

Step 9: Registration / Checkout

You are on a new page. If you have done shopping in Urban Outfitters before, just sign in and continue. If it's your first time there and you want to create an account, provide your email address and click REGISTER. There's also the third option: you can do your shopping quickly without need to register or sign in. If this is your choice, click CHECKOUT.

Step 10: Address details

Now you have to provide some personal details like your name and address. You also have to choose the delivery method. Remember to check the validity of the information you give, people sometimes get too excited about our discount codes and they type their neighbour's address. Then they wonder what takes the courier so long!

See? It's the end, everything's ready. It was quick, wasn't it? Now take off your headphones and wait for the doorbell to ring. And just in case, watch the front door of your neighbour.


  • On search for Urban Outfitters.
  • Decide what you want to buy.
  • In your shopping bag submit the Urban Outfitters discount code (copy it from our bar).
  • Fill in all required fields concerning your address and payment.
  • Enjoy the discount while waiting for the product to arrive.

If you need an inspiration or you'd like to take a quick look at the Urban Outfitters offer, watch the video!

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