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The secret to your new look

It all starts with the first step. Someone has to take it, and you never know when your idea will take up. It may take a while, but in the end, it's worth it. That's probably what the founders of the first New Look store thought when they opened it in 1969 in the UK. Now, almost 50 years later, you are reading about one of the largest British fashion online stores which sells its products to customers all over the world.

Currently, New Look is a destination for all women and men who are looking for stunning fashion at competitive prices. Its unbeatable approach to customer service and dedication to bettering the world has sparked the popularity with people from the very start. Its idea to provide products for customers at any stage of their lives has been praised every time a new idea is introduced. Read on to learn more about one of the most loved brands in the UK.

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The secret

New Look has got a recipe for success and is not afraid to share it with the entire world. Its main ingredient is the people. From those who manufacture the clothes to those who sell it to you online or in the store - it's the biggest factor contributing to their position in the market. Passion and dedication are all it takes to make every customer feel welcome once they visit the store.

Another ingredient - the product. Taking a trend straight from the catwalks of the fashion world and making them wearable for anyone. No one can feel neglected by the industry once they try on the attire sold at New Look because its interpretation of the data-style is relatable. And here we reach another factor of success - the pricing. High fashion bears high prices, whereas New Look is accessible to anyone. Being in fashion is no longer for the wealthy ones alone, and you can find it out once you visit the online and stationary store.

All of the above, combined, make New Look a place where you will feel appreciated for who you are and where you don't need to change your personality to buy clothes. It's the fashion that should bend to your needs, not the other way around.

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Information on delivery

When you decide to shop at the online store instead of the stationary one, you have a multitude of delivery options. First and foremost, you can register for a delivery pass. By paying only £19,99 a year, you will receive unlimited next day delivery as well as click & collect at the store. Free returns are also included in this service. To purchase the pass, all you need to do is add it to your bag as if it was a piece of clothing and make the payment. If you have placed an order with an online store before, this should be a piece of cake.

Even if you don't really have time to shop at the store, you might want to collect your goods in person. Standard click & collect is free with the Delivery Pass (above) or on order above £19,99. You have options to have your products delivered to the store on Saturdays or the next day. When the item is delivered to the store, you will be informed by an email, and you will have ten days to collect it. Are you unable to do it yourself? With New Look that's not a problem, simply give someone else proof of your order, including the order number and problem solved!

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Information on returns

Ok, so you bought an item at the online store but upon delivery to change your mind. Perhaps it's the wrong size (unfortunately, it's sometimes the case with online shopping, despite size charts) or the colour doesn't suit you after all. Or maybe you just don't want it anymore! To make your shopping experience a more pleasant and convenient one, New Look allows you to return your product within the 28 day period (with the sale items it's 14 days). If, for any reason, you find your product to be faulty or not of the advertised quality, you also have other statutory rights.

You are entitled to receive a full refund for your purchase when you return your item in the state you received it (which means they cannot be damaged, unless you received it this way, worn, etc.). The company will notify you when they receive the item you returned, and the refund process should take no more than five working days. Remember that you don't lose your right to have a nice shopping experience next time you decide to shop at New Look - perhaps all you need is to find another product?

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Perks of using the website

There are various benefits to using the New Look online store and registering for the account. One of them is the fact that once you enter your delivery and personal details, you won't have to do it again with your next order. It makes your next session so much easier and quicker. Another reason is the fact that you will receive information about upcoming and flash deals to your email. Whenever you see something interesting, you can quickly log in and shop for the items you want with just a few clicks.

Next reason is related to your delivery. With an online account, you will be able to track your order and see at which stage it currently is. It will make it easier for you to plan the collection. Finally, even if you're not convinced about buying an item just now, you can add it to your wish list. It will stay there until you make up your mind and also this way you will not have to look for it next time you visit the store. You only have to remember that a wish list is not an order. Therefore an item will be there until the stock runs out. Once it does, you will lose it forever. It's important to bear that in mind especially with the sale items.

Why shop at New Look

What's on order?

Shopping at New Look is always effortless. Whether it's at your local store or online, you are served quickly and at your convenience. With a website, it can also be done anytime you want because it's available 24 hours, seven days a week and during holidays.

When you visit the online store, you can look for a product with the use of categories. You have five basic ones already laid out in front of you, and when you click on them, you will see more options. With Women's category, you can choose clothing, shoes and boots, accessories and bags, curves and size, maternity, petite and tall. Explore more options with new arrivals, sale items, etc. For men's category, it even simpler: you have clothing, essentials from £5.99 for quick and easy shopping process, shoes and boots, and accessories.

New Look also wanted to focus on teens, since they are sometimes neglected by fashion stores. After all, they cannot shop at the kids' sections but aren't adults just yet. This is the reason they also have their own category of clothing, shoes and boots, accessories and bags and - of course - school shop.

That's not all, though. New Look knows very well that in the UK home is an important aspect of everyone's life. We like to surround ourselves with objects that are both beautiful and practical. This is why it now carries a selection of home and gifts ideas. If you want to create a nice environment in your place of living, you don't need to spend a fortune on it. All you need is a few ideas and a little imagination. With New Look, you will find bedding, mugs and cups, home accessories, such as candles and crockery, and party decorations. That's not all: if you're thinking about purchasing a gift for someone, but you're not sure what's the best way to go, check out the ideas from New Look.

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How to order?

When you find a product you think will suit your taste, select its filters such as sizing, colour and anything else that applies to it. Add it to your virtual shopping bag and continue shopping. If you have an account and when you're logged in, you can return to your order at a later date. When you're done with that part, you can go to your checkout and look through the products. At any time, you can either remove items or add more of them (depending on availability). You will also be asked if you have a new look discount code.

Choose your delivery mode and enter your details, if this is your first time at the store. Make the payment and await your store or home delivery.

Why Picodi?

Picodi comes handy when it comes to shopping online or ordering services. With this discount code platform, you can receive information about promotions (such as new look discount code) to your favourite spots not only in the UK but also in other countries. With a newsletter subscription, you will quickly hear about what's new at New Look and be able to act accordingly.

Picodi is completely free and available for anyone who wants to save money on their everyday shopping. Whether it's fashion from New Look, or a visit to a hairdresser, or even your daily coffee in the morning, it will make it possible for you to save plenty of money. And in this economy, every little bit helps.

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The policy of inclusion

New Look has always wanted to be inclusive of all of their customers. It's one of the main reasons it diversifies its stock to suit the needs and requirements of different types of women. Once New Look introduced the maternity line in which clothes are both comfortable and stylish, it became one of the favourite shops of new and expectant mommies.

The same applies to women of different shapes and sizes. Some of them are full-figured, and others are petite. In such cases, it's sometimes difficult to find garments which elegantly accentuate a woman's body. New Look has got collections for women who want to be elegant and wear clothes that are made especially for them.


What does it mean for a fashion brand to be sustainable? Can a fashion brand ever be ethical? For such a large business it should be a non-negotiable aspect of daily work and New Look adheres to this principle. This is the reason why anyone who starts collaborating with the brand has to state plain and blank that they will adhere to the standards of business ethics that New Look prides themselves in. What does it mean exactly?

Respecting the human rights, especially with the clothes manufacturing is one of the sensitive subjects of the fashion industry. New Look makes sure they source their products from places where people work in healthy conditions and are paid fairly. The brand's dedication to caring for the environment includes developing policies at the manufacturing stage and showing customers how to care for their product in an eco-friendly manner. The protection of the environment never stops.

Finally, New Look is dedicated to shaping the community as strong and inclusive. Working with Macmillan and the Teenage Cancer Trust has brought plenty of benefits, especially in providing the stakeholders with reliable information regarding cancer and how to prevent it. Education is key, and it has been proven that prevention has got much more beneficial and long-lasting effects than treatment. Organising sales, events, challenges is one of the key focuses of the New Look Foundation.

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Final info

If you don't just like to shop online for fashion, but you also like to learn a bit about the industry, how to mix trends and what you can do to accentuate your strong features, you can click on Inspiration. You will see all the products categorized in a slightly different way which might give you a bit different perspective on wearing fashion. Style guides will tell you all about the dresses, the occasion wear, holiday shops and what are the best shoes and bags for the season. If you're planning a wedding for yourself or a friend, you will also find a bunch of accessories for the hen party.

If you're a student who likes to save as much money as possible while you shop online, New Look has got an offer just for you. All you need to do is to get a new look discount code through Unidays or use your valid student ID when you're shopping, and you will receive a 10% discount! If you want to use the discount every time you shop at the online store, there's another reason to register an account with the website. Your student information will already be stored in the system.

If you're worried that when you shop for clothes online, you will get the wrong size, you can use the size chart available on the website. You will see how to measure yourself and what size you should purchase. Of course, if somehow it's wrong, you can easily return or exchange it. Different size charts are available for all types of clothes.

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