Complete Glasses From £25 at Specsavers

Complete glasses: frames and lenses available at Specsavers for as low as £25. No voucher code is needed.

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Buy 2 glasses and save at Specsavers. No Specsavers voucher code is required and you can get the discount by clicking the promotion button.

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Archive offer 2for1 DESIGNER Glasses!

Buy Karl Lagerfeld, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more designer glasses - 2 pairs for the price of 1. Prices start at £99.
  • expired: 2018-11-02

Archive offer 25% Off for Over-60s at Specsavers!

If 60 or over, go to Specsavers and enjoy your 25% discount on £69 or more. No voucher code is needed.
  • expired: 2018-10-31

Archive offer Buy Contact Lenses, Get Free Glasses!

Choose both: lenses to buy and glasses to get for free! The usual price of glasses must not exceed £45.
  • expired: 2018-10-26

Archive offer Try Contact Lenses For Free

Try monthly lenses or daily disposable lenses for free. Go to the landing page to find out how!
  • expired: 2018-10-22

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More about Specsavers:

For your eyes only

Life is a long journey and ideally, we would all live a happy and healthy one. But sometimes we need a bit more help from the outside and our eyes are no different. When you feel like its’s getting worse, or you’re experience any other symptoms, it’s important to see a specialist that knows exactly what you need. Specsavers is the place where you’ll be given a specialist advice and examination, to determine what solution is the best for you.

Specsavers website

Picodi may not heal your headaches or make your sight better, but it most definitely will help you financially. By giving you access to all the promotions you may need, it makes your everyday and occasional expenses much more affordable. So don’t hesitate and subscribe now, for a better tomorrow.


Before you find your new glasses or contact lenses, it’s important to have a specialist expert check you up. Your symptoms may worry you and they might include a headache, blurry vision or bright sports appearing out of nowhere. Don’t wait too long to have your eye test booked because the sooner you get things sorted, the better quality of life you’ll enjoy.

Specsavers test

Remember to have an eye test every two years at most. It doesn’t take much to speak to an optician who will check if everything right with you. Make sure everyone in your family, especially your kids, the elderly members or pregnant ladies, are also taken care of. Your symptoms might be nothing, a result of overload at work or long hours spent in front of the computer. Perhaps you just need to get a good night’s sleep. However, it’s still worth checking out.

Specsavers eyes

In case you actually need some help, there are products you can choose from that will make you see things much clearer. Glasses are now considered a fashionable accessory and you have so much choice on the market, it’s worth looking through all of your options. Plastic frames are the most affordable and their lightweight construction is fairly durable. The collection includes frames from as little as £25 so anyone who needs them, can afford them. Other options include titanium, which is hypoallergenic and extremely strong. We recommend not to sit on your glasses to see who durable they are, but in general, this is the best option to people who don’t want to change their frames for a bit longer time. The ultraflex are by far the most durable and bendy frames available at Specsavers, for all those people who tend to forget about them or put them in their bags without protection.

Specsavers discounts

All of the above are available in stylish and fashionable designs, in bold or plain colours. People with various aesthetic tastes will be able to find something ideal for themselves. However, if you’re not a fan of glasses at all and you want to stay just the way you are, you can opt for contact lenses. A wide range of these, including 1-Day or monthly disposables from top brands, is ideal for those, who don’t like the hassle of wearing glasses on a daily basis. The express re-order service is available if you forget to buy a new pack.

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Whenever you need an eye test or want to buy glasses, you can do it easily and quickly:

  1. Get your Picodi deals sorted by looking through them and deciding which ones are the perfect fit. Make sure you see the expiration date because they might go away before you know it!

  2. Copy the promo code if you have one and go to Specsavers’ website.

  3. Book your eye test. Choose your product – frames and if you know what kind of lenses you need – pick them as well.

  4. If you need to re-order your contacts, do it.

  5. Confirm your order by placing your product in the basket. Review it and add a promotional code you got from Picodi.

  6. Pay with your card and leave your delivery address. Or go to your eye test.

Specsavers voucher

Make your heath a better one and in the near future you’ll be glad you didn’t ignore any symptoms. And then, to reward yourself, shop for quality fashion at Marks and Spencer.