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Healthy living is not easy. In this DNAge, when we rush to work, stay there for many hours and don’t have time to relax, hardly anyone wants to stand in long queues in stores and pharmacies. It just takes too much valuable time, doesn’t it? There is a remedy and that is online shopping at pharmacies. Don’t feel like you need to restrict yourself to your regular chain drug store you used to use. Look a bit further and you will find exceptional customer service, fast delivery and branded products. NVS Pharmacy.

NVS Pharmacy website

Picodi will help you make any purchases online with the use of promotions and offers available on its website. With them, you are always better off shopping for medicines, cosmetics, fashion and even furniture. Just subscribe to hear the latest news in the UK retail market and take advantage of bargains.


Even though it is based in London, it ships the stock not only to the rest of the UK but also to other countries. It has quickly earned the trust of people living in the West End but also those who prefer to shop online and have their goods delivered home. If you’re one of those people who prefer intimate customer service with an amazing range of products, you’ve found the right place.

NVS Pharmacy selection

NVS in its essence is your regular pharmacy. It sells you over the counter medicines such as cough remedies and homeopathic medicines but if you live in London, you are more than welcome to come and fill your prescription. When you’re looking to buy some lotions and potions, you will find a fantastic range of specialised beauty products, such as anti-wrinkle creams, scrubs, eczema cleansing oils and more.

You should always remember that your dental health is something you need to take care of every single day. Because dental appointments are so expensive in the UK, proper hygiene and regular check-ups are the only way to avoid costly medical bills. It is also important to know that bacteria in your mouth can cause you some dangerous illnesses so take a look at a selection of dental health products to use at home. They are safe and affordable for you and your whole family.

NVS Pharmacy dental

If you like to act instead of waiting for someone else to do things for you, there are appliances and products available for your own peace of mind. These include blood pressure monitors, first aid kits and pen wallets. Now you can see whether the feeling you’ve been having is a real condition or just stress, remedy a small injury with plasters and keep your insulin needle in a safe place.

You might also be interested in the Special Offers selection that NVS carries. These include cosmetics from all departments which are discounted up to 50%. Some of the offers include one free item with your purchase, while others give you a free gift. They pose an excellent opportunity to save plenty of money on your pharmacy purchases.

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NVS promotions

You can shop for less at NVS and have your goods delivered to your door. Regardless of your place of residence in the UK, NVS and Picodi are here for you. Just:

  1. Check the deals which are live right now and click on one of them. If there is a code popping up, copy it and keep in a safe space.

  2. Go to the pharmacy’s website to find products you need. Use the menu on the top of the page to guide you.

  3. If you see an item you find interesting, just click on it and read the enclosed information.

  4. To purchase it, just add it to bag.

  5. If you want to review your order, click on the bag and amend your choices accordingly.

  6. Add a discount code from Picodi and proceed to checkout.

  7. Leave your details and pay using your card or PayPal.

NVS Pharmacy deal at Picodi

When you’re looking for a high-end brand, go to Allbeauty and use the vouchers from Picodi.

Every year NVS Pharmacy prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.

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