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Anyone, who has ever equipped their kitchen knows oh too well that it’s the most expensive space in a house. Fitted furniture and appliances take thousands of pounds easily and you can never foresee unexpected financial issues related to them. To make your life much easier, when you need to buy some of the equipment, Appliances Direct has prepared a special offer, which doesn’t cost as much as at other outlets. Check it out and take full advantage of it.

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Picodi makes the whole world look just a bit more affordable. This case is no different and you could easily save plenty of money by just visiting the website frequently. Make sure you subscribe, so that you don’t need to worry about tomorrow of your fridge, washing machine and more.

What if?

Remember the day when you woke up, went to the kitchen to have a glass of water and suddenly realised your fridge wasn’t working? Laying towels on the floor didn’t do much to help and you had to look for someone who would be able to fix it affordably and quickly. Then you realised there is no point fixing it because a new one costs just a bit more. And then the agonising hours you spend in front of the computer, looking for available information on the products.

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Forget it! In case it happens to you (again), you’ll now know exactly where to look. Don’t bother with any other place, because at Appliances Direct not only will you see the best rates, but also the fullest information. You can make your life as easy as possible in the time of crisis, so why would you like it any other way?

What if your washing machine suddenly stops working and all the water comes out? Your neighbours will not be happy because nobody likes to have soaked walls and ceilings, so you can probably relate to that. Be sure to have Appliances Direct’s website handy in case your clothes washing goes wrong.

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There comes the time in life of a person, when they need to move out of their parents’ house, then from the student’s house or from their rented flats. They get their first jobs and start thinking about owning their own place. But buying a house or a flat is one thing, whereas furnishing and equipping it is something completely different. Make sure you don’t overpay and search everything you need at Appliances Direct.

The website is easy to navigate and you have the best deals laid nicely in front of you. Perhaps you need some inspiration, in which case you can easily look for your chosen category and read as much as you need about the items. If you’re not a big fan of internet shopping, you can use your phone to place an order. It will also give you the chance to speak to a professional advisor, who will answer all of your questions.

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Anyone can buy a cooker hood or a dehumidifier but to save bulk on these purchases is nothing short of art. Be the artist yourself with Picodi and Appliances Direct discounts to make sure you have something on a side for the future. Just:

  1. Check out the deals that are here on Picodi right now. Remember that some of them might disappear tomorrow.

  2. Click on one of them and copy the voucher code that appears on the screen.

  3. No code? That’s ok, just go to Appliances Direct’s website and browse through the most extensive catalogue on the web.

  4. If you like the product you’ve chosen, just add it to basket and choose the quantity.

  5. Add a warranty if you want and review your basket. You can also have the service to pick up your old appliance to recycle it. One thing less to worry about!

  6. Leave all of your details and go to secure checkout to pay.

  7. Use your card to do it and wait for your equipment to arrive.

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This was very simple and quick so if you ever decide to shop on the internet, don’t forget to look for deals on Picodi.

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