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One might wonder if there is anything new on the internet. A typical customer has already seen everything and has done everything as well. With such a range available online, the metaphorical sky is the limit, and the stores go above and beyond to surprise their loyal customers and bring newcomers in. Increasing footfall in both traditional stores and the internet ones has been one of the most effective ways of increasing revenue but how to keep the customer's interest at the highest level?

The story behind the store

Marks and Spencer is one of the oldest retail stores in Britain and in the world. Its beginnings were humble, but soon enough the two founders, Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer made it the up and coming retail store for people all around Leeds. With its focus on exquisite customer service, the quality of goods sold there and the biggest range of products available for the shoppers, it was highly anticipated fact that it grew to such rank over the years.

At the moment the group can pride itself in over 10 billion pounds in yearly revenue. Interestingly, even though the store started out by selling various products, at the moment the 61% of UK turnover comes from the Food department. It's got 1433 stores all across the world, including 1025 in the UK alone. What makes it special is the customer loyalty. Each person who steps in its threshold immediately knows that the attire sold there is worth every penny. They know the fabrics are long lasting and each garment is made with love and comes from sustainable sources. With an online store now available in Singapore, the company has made it even more convenient to shop for their all-time favourite items.

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Marks and Spencer for every woman

Inclusion is one of the values that the store takes very seriously. No customer should ever feel unwelcome, and no customer should ever leave thinking they cannot find the right item for themselves. Marks and Spencer are proud to cater to the needs of all people, all types of figures and all nationalities. In general, the company's Plan A is a set of commitments which Marks and Spencer have set out for themselves to achieve until 2025.

Every woman is beautiful and deserves to wear clothing that can accentuate their strengths and hide their flaws. Clothes that enable them to feel great in their skin, that will make them fashion-forward and stand out from the crowd. What is more, those clothes are made of lightweight fabrics which are perfect for the spring and summer season, and they are very well made, which is especially important for those who like to get great value for money. If you're a full-figured woman and you're not afraid to flaunt your curves, choose from sizes from 18 to 32 and dress beautifully every single day.

Great prices at Marks and Spencer

Another group of customers who sometimes have big problems finding an outfit for themselves, but can feel at ease at Marks and Spencer are petite women. On the one hand, they sometimes need to shop for clothes at kids' stores, on another, it's not always appropriate attire for the office or family gatherings. Marks and Spencer proudly presents their range of clothes for women who might be a bit shorter in height but deserve just as much attention. Not only that, but these clothes are also available in a range of sizes so if a customer is both plus-size and petite, she will easily find something for herself.

Pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood are a special period in any woman's life. Gone are the days when fashion industry ignored the fact women bore children and also deserved apparel that was far from being baggy and lacking style. Marks and Spencer wants their female customers to embrace the special time they are in and provides their them with a wide range of clothes, from day to night. Any woman will feel comfortable at night with pajamas that let them move freely. Basic t-shirts are great if she needs something just to be comfortable. Nursing bras are both practical and sexy so that the new mommy can feel beautiful both inside and out.

Men’s collections at M&S

Financial aid

Wouldn't it be wonderful if customers, busy with their hectic schedules, could just run all of their errands in one place only? Leave work, go shopping and visit the bank at the same time? With Marks and Spencer, it's not only possible but highly advised. The customers of their bank often receive incentives when shopping in their store, holders of credit cards get vouchers and are always in the know with regards to new financial opportunities.

One of the most popular services that a bank can provide to their customers is mortgages. And it couldn't be more truth to it with Marks and Spencer bank as well. If a person is a first-time buyer, slightly different rules apply to them, and the bank can easily help arrange their loan and provide all the information they need. However, many people move houses while they are still paying off their loan and with M&S bank, it's not a problem at all. Both the website and the customer service can help with all the info needed.

Other services found in the Marks and Spencer bank are credit cards, current accounts, loans, insurance, travel, saving and investment options and more. Existing customers can easily find answers to their questions and if needed, quickly contact the customer service. It doesn't get better than that.

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One might wonder what the biggest factor contributing to the overall revenue in the UK is. Once customers try the M&S food, it's no surprise it's so popular across the country! Standard classics made with love and of the best ingredients as well as dishes brought from all around the world is what makes the M&S food so special. It doesn't matter what the customer is looking for and what they want to buy online. The shopping process is easy and convenient and the food is delivered to their doorstep.

Many products are categorized seasonally. For example, in Spring and Summer, more attention is paid to BBQ and grill as well as picnic food. Finger sandwiches, marinated meats, and assorted dips are what makes this season so special. Spending time together and sharing delicious food is what Marks and Spencer are all about. Similarly, sometime before Christmas, Marks and Spencer give their customers an opportunity to order a turkey. This way they don't need to worry about running from one shop to another in search of the most important dinner of the year. It's worth mentioning that turkeys for M&S customers are sourced locally and are always as fresh as possible.

Treats for any occasion

Lunches and dinners are often accompanied by wine. This alcoholic beverage, when consumed responsibly, can contribute to increasing the overall experience and brings out some flavours you wouldn't expect to appear in your food. With this in mind, if you're buying a meal from Marks and Spencer, why not doing the same with the wine? Both online and in-store you can find fabulous offers on wine to make your meal not only mouth-watering but also less expensive. Shop for red, white, rose, mixed cases, prosecco, and another sparkling, champagne, cava, as well as other alcoholic drinks, such as a port, sherry, fine wine and lower alcohol wine. With such a huge range, you will most definitely find something perfect for yourself.

Stunning surroundings

Some of the traditional Marks and Spencer stores will make it possible for you to shop for homewares and other home items. If you don't have a local home M&S store, you can do the same with its online counterpart and view the huge range. You can shop by ideas or by specific items, whichever you find more appropriate. For example, if you want to shop straight from the brochure because it inspired you so much, one click will do the trick. You will be transferred to the appropriate category right away. If you don't have a huge budget for redecorating but are thinking about refreshing the house, don't miss the right directory.

Find new products or shop by room. Sometimes only a small area of the house requires some work and such categories are extremely helpful. They allow finding the right item in no time without you even leaving the house. The customers who visit the M&S Home department online will see the full range of bathroom, bedroom, children's and nursery, dining room, hallway, garden and conservatory, kitchen, living room as well as the office. Apart from the big appliances, all shoppers can also explore other accessories and furnishings, such as candle holders, curtains, rugs, stationery, and storage solutions. Let yourself be inspired by those who know how to change people's usual surroundings and take full advantage of the online store.

Create wonderful atmosphere

Rewarding a customer

Marks and Spencer likes to give something back. Whether it's the environment, the community or the customers themselves, the store wants you to feel valued at all times. This is why it gives you, and other customers, an opportunity to join the unique Sparks programme. There are plenty of benefits, and some of them include regular offers which are tailored to you based on your shopping habits and a possibility to donate 1p from your spending to your chosen Sparks charity. It means, in a nutshell, that you will spend money and help those in need at the same time!

How do you join? It's easy - simply subscribe for the card online and pick up a physical one in store when you get the chance. This way every time you shop, you will receive Sparks. Depending on the number of Sparks you have on your card, you will get offers to your account. Interestingly, even if you have 0 Sparks on your account, you can still choose one offer to enjoy. Amazing!

The Sparks programme


It's always about someone doing something good that changes the world for the better. Sometimes all it takes is one person and one simple action to start a chain of goodness going around the world. Marks and Spencer believe that with doing good, good is coming back as well. Their sustainability and environment activities bring real change into the lives of the community all across the country and beyond.

Cotton is one of the most frequently used fabric in clothing manufacturing. Its production may be harmful to the environment, though, and it was high time to take action against dangerous practices that damage the earth and our environment in the long run. The company invested its time and money into teaching farmers how to manufacture cotton in a more sustainable way that can provide them with income for their families.

Helping local communities is often the easiest way to improve the quality of life of people and decreasing crime. When people are involved in communal work, friendships are formed, problems are heard, and issues are solved. Volunteers from M&S take it very seriously and involve themselves in a range of local work that helps. One of the biggest advantages of such activities is raising awareness of local problems and gathering people who don't always know they can help. Sometimes it's only about helping a neighbour in their weekly shopping or painting a local dog shelter. As a result, people are less lonely on a daily basis, the youth is involved in crime-free activities, and vulnerable groups find the help they need.

Health is one of the biggest issues in the UK. Lack of early detection and the busy schedule of people prevent doctors from helping their patients in battling problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer. Marks and Spencer wants to help raise awareness in one of the health issues that are sweeping the nation away and donate some of their proceeds to vital research organizations that bring real change in the world of medicine. Any customer can get involved by shopping at the store for specific items and therefore kills two birds with one stone - they get items which are great value for money, and some of the money they spend goes to a good cause.

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Useful information

When you shop online, your goods can be delivered to you in a variety of ways. Experience shows that each customer is different and expects different services, therefore the store allows you to collect your goods whichever way you feel is more convenient for you. You can, for example, get them delivered to your doorstep. Why leave the house if you don't need to? You can also pick up your items in the store, for example, on your way from work. What is even better, if you're shopping for a friend or a family member who lives abroad, you can direct the delivery to them straight away. This way you don't need to bother yourself with that.

Delivery to a store is free of charge, and some of the items can be delivered next day. With international shipping, the store offers delivery to a variety of countries, both in Europe and beyond. Refer to the corporate website for more info on which specific countries the delivery can be arranged for.

When you decide you want to shop at M&S online store, the process is very simple. First, you should register for an account. Of course, you can place a guest order but for the future purposes, it makes more sense to simply log in, and all the information will already be there.

Next, look for items you wish to purchase. When you see them, add them, one by one, to your basket. You will have a variety of filters to select from. When you're done with that, you can click and go to your basket to view the entire order. If you have a voucher or another offer, you will be asked to enter it in the appropriate place.

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