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In Picodi, we do realize the need to catch a breather and go on vacation. However, the issue of choosing an appropriate place, accommodation and last, but not least - means of transport might become more stressing than it should become. This is where Turkish Airlines come in - to offer you comfortable and secure, reasonably priced flights.

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Considered to be the best airlines franchise between 2012 and 2016 in Europe, Turkish Airlines have its headquarters in Istanbul and offer to transport people to 308 countries in the world, including those in Africa, Asia, Europe and both Americas. They still maintain an extremely high on-time arrival ratio of 80% and are widely known for very serviceable and hospitable staff.

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Taking an opportunity of packing a backpack and leaving the mundane everyday life behind may seem to be tempting, especially as pretty nice discounts are about to appear - meaning, among others, annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday promos. It is worthy of noting that the previous November campaigns offered magnanimous discounts of 40% of the standard flight deal.

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There's a saying that patience is a virtue - and because of that, keep calm and observe in order to get the best promo vouchers for travel opportunities. Remember, the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday may vary depending on whether you're logged in to Turkish Airlines website or not.

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