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What is the most popular mean of transportation in the Philippines? Of course, a motorcycle! Do you need one? Visit Motortrade and look for the best motorbike for you!

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The beginning of Motortrade dates back to 1960s. At first, the shop offered a wide range of spare parts and hardware. The company grew and was incorporated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1979. Nowadays, the company runs more than 500 branches across the archipelago and it enjoys the leadership in the motorcycle industry. The brand focuses on growing and strengthening the company more and their total workforce come up to 3,500 and more. Apart from the business, the corporation put an emphasis on philanthropic projects such as blood donations, tree planting, donating and supporting natural disasters victims. The company’s slogan is: “Motorsiklo Sigurado, Alaga Ka DIto” and it can be interpreted as “total customer satisfaction”. Moreover, the brand’s vision is to be the customer’s first choice, whereas their mission is to “To uplift life and living by bridging capital and needs”. 

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The offer of Motortrade online store is wide. You can choose the best motorcycle for you  using four options of selection: by category, by brand, by frame, or by budget. Moreover, if you can’t decide on the motorbike, you can compare your picks. Apart from the motorbikes, the online store offers parts and services.  All you have to do is to fill in the form and you’ll get the help you need in repairing your motorcycle! 

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Do you need more help with the selection of your motorbike? Visit the “Buyer’s Guide” and check out the frequently asked questions – maybe you’ll find the solution of your problem. If not, click on “Talk2Us” and contact with the specialists of Motortrade. 

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What’s more helpful: you can enroll to riding lessons! Click on “Learn2Ride”, fill in the form and start learning with professionals!