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Sign-up for Xbox Live for free by using this offer. More details available on the landing page.
  • expired:: 2016-12-08

Download 90-day evaluation of Windows 10 for FREE! Click to go to the Microsoft website and read more details!
  • expired:: 2017-07-28

Purchase any Surface Pro 4 at Microsoft Store and receive 15% discount on all needed accessories. Valid while stocks last.
  • expired:: 2017-07-19

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More about Microsoft Store:

Microsoft Store vouchers

If you are truly in love with your PC, mobile phone or tablet, we are sure you want the absolute best possible for it and that means to run ith with the best available software. With the number of brands and companies specialising in consumer electronics' software, you may encounter a small difficulty in selecting just one with which you will stick for years to come.

Such struggle and dillema may quickly disappear from your mind though once you try the absolutely best computer, mobile and smartphone service provider in the world - Microsoft. If you have ever possesed either PC, mobile or notebook , you must have come across this brand because it's simply the most recognisable and trusted software provider im the world. Microsoft runs two types of Microsoft Stores - the online and offline. At Picodi we are providing you with the best Microsoft Store vouchers and discount deals for the former.

Microsoft Store coupon offer at Picodi

Just to make sure, Microsoft Store is the official store of Microsoft and it is run by the big brand itself - whether speaking about online or offline version of the shop. Microsoft Store is available in the form of many offline stores located in selected countries around the globe and the one, global online store available in tens of different languages. Both the offline stores and online store specialise in providing you with best quality computer accessories, consumer electronics and software which are available at prices most of us can afford and with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Microsoft Store Office update

It is worth noting that apart from the typical Microsoft software in form of Windows or newest versions of Office programmes that you will be able to find at any Microsoft Store, there's a big collection of consumer electronics and devices offered by third-party brands and include such popular worldwide names as Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Acer and HP.

Of course we can't forget about mentioning the most popular products coming from Microsoft as well with the availability of the best on the market gaming consoles - Xbox 360 and the latest innovation Xbox One. Apart from consoles, you can also buy all the latest games as well as all the essential accessories. Surely we don't have to mention the fact that on all of these products you will be able to get great discounts with the use of our Microsoft Store voucher codes?

Microsoft Store Office discount offer

As far as the history of the Microsoft Store is concerned, it is a relatively fresh subject. The first of Microsoft Stores (offline) have been opened not long after the release of Windows 7 and the lucky city in which it was opened was Scottsdale (California) but with a big success noted there, it quickly spread to other America states with new shops opened in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Washington. After proving a big hit in mentioned cities, first Microsoft Stores started appearing in other countries around the world although it's still the online store which is serving the biggest group of customers and it's still the online store which offers the biggest number of discount vouchers and voucher codes

Currently the online Microsoft Store website serves millions of customers from more than 230 countries all around the world. The lucky customers who regularly get the chance to save on Microsoft products with vouchers, coupons and promo codes come from such countries like Philippines, India, Germany, United States and more. Such diversity in location of the countries from which people shop for Microsoft products should give you the perfect idea of how global the brand has become.