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We all take such great care of our health and we get on with our lives pretty well. However, once in a while, we need some help in maintaining our wellbeing. We can, of course, try to remedy all the aches and pains with a good diet and physical activity but that might not be enough. Not always, anyway. If you’re looking for a store that can give you everything you need health wise and is always at the corner, Mercury Drug is right for you.

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Picodi encourages you to take great care of your health with the use of vitamins and supplements but also doesn’t want you to spend too much cash. When you subscribe to Picodi, you will be informed about deals and offers from Mercury Drug and other outlets on a daily basis. Shopping has never and never will be more affordable and easier.

Medicines for you

Mercury Drug is a store where you will receive a specialist advice and the range of services you and your family needs. What does it mean exactly? Go to your local Mercury Drug if you need to see a specialist in one of the free clinics. When they are organized, you can speak to doctors and nurses that will be able to tell you what your symptoms might mean and advise you with regards to treatment.

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If you need to order your medicines or any other products sold at the store, do it easily with Gamot Padala. The first thing you need to do is click on Gamot Padala Order Online button on the very top of the page and log into your account. Don’t have any just yet? The registration process will take a very short time. In general, you can order your drugs in three different ways, all of them convenient and designed to cater to abilities of different users. One of them is an online order, mentioned above and another is a call order. In this case, you can set the date of your pickup so you’re sure they will wait for you. Finally, you can ask someone else to be a beneficiary for you and handle all the matters related to your medicine order instead of you. As you can see, it doesn’t matter how old you are and if you have any disabilities.

Specialised advice from professionals

If you want to know more about a drug of some kind but don’t really know where to look for reliable information, you can find proper info at the website of Mercury Drug. Search generic name or by its proper name to see if it’s appropriate for you and if there are any side effects. This is a good option if you can’t really leave your house and speak to a professional and you wish to know if you’re not doing any harm to yourself.

However, Mercury Drug is something more than just a place where you can buy your medicines. You can be sure that by shopping there, you are actually helping those in need. Mercury Drug gets involved in Mercury Drug Foundation that promotes compassion and the sense of community towards those who need it most. There is no better way of giving back than by shopping at a place which knows its place in the local environment.

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Just because you want to take care of your health, doesn’t mean you can’t save some money in the process. With Picodi, it’s easier than ever. All you need to do is:

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  • Click on the deal available here, on Picodi, and see when it expires. Copy the promo code provided and if you can’t see any, go to the pharmacy’s website.
  • Start looking for the products you wanted to purchase. Click on order online or pick up your phone to place the call order. Remember to quote any discount code or coupons you have found.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen (you might have to paste the promo code from before) and leave your address. Pay and pick your order up.
  • Remember that every time you shop at Mercury Drug, you help others who might be less fortunate.


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