Watsons Christmas Deal: Holiday Sets Starting at P99 + 10% Off Promo Code

Grasp the occasion to gift your loved ones with exactly what they need for most attractive prices available online - check the offer at the landing page and - if you spend P500 or more - validate the code below to get a 10% bargain. Happy holiday!


Watsons 12.12 Promo: Selected Items 50% Sale + 10% Promo Code

Having a trouble with choosing the best way to cleanse and pamper your skin? Get advantage of this amazing 12.12 Watsons promo on a wide selection of moisturizing and cleansing creams. To grasp even better deals, spend P500, validate the code below at the checkout and get another 10% off! Shop now!


Watsons Promo: 10% Off + Free Shipping

Use the promo code below to enjoy 10% off all products if you spend more than P500. Spend more than P300 and get your items delivered to your doorstep for free.


Watsons Promo: Extra 10% OFF on Cetaphil

Buy one Cetaphil Lotion to get one cleanser for free. Use the code below to enjoy additional 10% off.

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Holiday Gift Guide At Watsons

Gift giving season is almost here! Go to the landing page to check out all sets and seasonal products available at Watsons!


Free Delivery Service For A Minimum Purchase

Get your order right to your doorstep for free. For transactions over Php 1000.

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Members' Exclusive

Woho! Visit Watsons at become an exclusive member - many discounts available!

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Watsons Promo: Christmas Gifts Starting From P99

Christmas is right around a corner! Get the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones! Prices are starting from P99 only. Go ahead and shop now!


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Archive offer Black Friday Watsons Promo: Christmas Gifts Starting From P99

Christmas is right around a corner! Get the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones! Prices are starting from P99 only. Go ahead and shop now!
  • expired: 2018-11-25

Archive offer Watsons Promo: Up To 30% Off Maybelline Brand

Get makeup products that will make you look flawless for less! Enjoy 30% off Maybelline brand at Watsons! Go ahead and shop now!
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Archive offer Watsons Promo: Up To 50% Off Skincare And Makeup

Amazing skincare and makeup products are now available with even 50% discount at Watsons! Go ahead and shop now!
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Archive offer Watsons Promo: 40% Off Garnier Micellar Water

Bestselling makeup removing Micellar Water from Garnier is now available for 40% less at Watsons! Go ahead and shop now!
  • expired: 2018-10-31

Archive offer Watsons Promo: Buy 3 Masks For PHP 100 & More

Take part in Maskmania held at Watsons. Buy 3 masks for PHP 100 and grab satisfying discounts. It's all just a mouse-click away!
  • expired: 2018-10-14

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About Watsons Your Personal Store


With almost five thousand stores and over 1,400 pharmacies spread across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Chine Watsons is the biggest health and beauty products retailer in Asia. Millions of people every week trust and choose Watsons Your Personal Store to get great health, wellness and beauty products which include well known products of manufacturers globally known like Nivea or Neutrogena, but also broad selection of Watsons private brands and labels.

Watsons Store

Switch and save

A lot of people uses medicines and supplements that they already know, because they are afraid of change. But sometimes most of the price goes for a fancy logo and label. Here are four reasons why you should consider switching to Watsons Generics. One, boost your health and boost your savings at the same time. With Watsons Generics you can save even up to 80% of money when you buy supplements and medicines. Watsons doesn’t spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising a drug name and that mean that you can buy it a lot cheaper than similar product from their competitors. Reason number two is bioequivalence. Health is not something that you want to play with, so Watsons Generics provides the same quality, efficiency, strength and dosage as their branded counterparts. Another reason is that they are not only affordable, but also available - most stores and retailers offers wide selection of Watsons Generics products, which can substitute most products with big labels. Both those who are sold over the counter and those that need a doctor’s prescription. And last, but not least - safety. Don’t take any risk. If you want to save some money on medicines, don’t look for some shady online stores that sell products at cheap prices, but not really tested by anyone. Watsons Generics are FDA registered and approved. They were extensively screened and tested by the American Food and Drug Administration, which means that those products are safe and effective.


Pharmacy advice and services

  • Watsons Delivers. The store provides you the opportunity to deliver whatever you need to your doorstep. Just give them a call at 791-5000 and tell them what you need.
  • Pneumonia Vaccination. Pneumonia is a disease that you can easily avoid. A lot of Watsons branches offers pneumonia vaccination for just ₱1,100. Protect your family and yourself with just a simple shot. Check Watsons website to see which stores offer vaccination.
  • Be a Flu Fighter. Flu is very common, which is a shame, since it is so easy to avoid it. With just one shot you can beat the flu and stay healthy. Vaccinations happen of chosen days and they cost only ₱450. Small price to pay for peace of mind and body.
  • Cervical Cancer Vaccination. At Watsons you can fight cervical cancer. All it takes are three shots by professionals at Watsons. One shot costs ₱2000, you can check Watsons website to see which branch offers them.

Look good, feel good

Watsons website offers healthcare and beauty tips for you to stay healthy, feel and look great. The section with tips is divided into categories like First Aid, Family Planning, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and few more. Each one of them contains valuable tricks that you can easily do to improve your situation. So, if you’re struggling with cough and cold go to HealthCare Tips section of Watsons website to find remedy for that particular problem.

Special Promo Deals

You can enjoy bigger deals and better promos during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Make sure to visit our Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages to discover amazing offers. 

Diversity is always a good idea, so don’t stop browsing the offer of just one store. If you like Watsons, then you will probably also like the offer of Mercury Drug and Human Heart Nature