More about Abubot:

Do you like games? Are you a fan of Star wars? Can you talk about Star Trek all the time? Do you dream of fancy gadgets in your room? Or, simply asking, are you a geek? Here is the place where you can find tons of amazing items for every geek and nerd in the whole world! Read more about Abubot and learn how to save your money with our coupon codes! If you live in the Philippines you know that it’s hard to find cool gadgets locally. Now it’s no longer a problem because one of the geeks founded an awesome geek store! Also if you are searching for the coolest gift on this planet, you will find the solution in Abubot store!

Abubot was made by a geek for the geeks. The founder of this online store with games, collectibles, and toys – Mon Macutay is also known as GeekBoss – was fed of shipping his orders from other countries. One time he asked himself “why not open a LOCAL online geek store?”. And it happened! He opened an online store with all the items geeks would want. Although it was not that easy, he made it with the support of his team. On Abubot you will find gadgets from popular saga’s like Star Wars, Star Trek or Game of Thrones. Everything is original branded and the price is not as big as on foreign countries' websites. The variety of Abubot is really big. Products are grouped in categories, for example, Toys, Games, Geek Stuff, and subcategories like Best Sellers, Action Figures, Geeky Shirts or Lightsaber Chopsticks. You can also use the search engine to find your dreamed product. As Abubot is made by a geek, you can easily relate with its founder. If you can’t find the item that you want in his shop, surely he will help you. Abubot is a unique store with geek stuff in the Philippines. And you can totally trust them, because why geek would not trust another geek?

Get the best deals

Here you can see the variety of gadgets for fans of Star Trek, and you will find many, many more on Abubot website!

Get something for yourself

Now when you are familiar with the variety of Abubot, you can learn how to save your money with our Abubot promotional codes! It’s only 5 steps, are you ready? Let’s go!

Step 1. Visit Abubot page on
Go to and type “Abubot” in the search engine.

Step 2. Select a promotion.
Here you can see all the promotions that are currently available for Abubot. There are two options – deal and promo code. If you choose a deal and click the “Get the Deal” button, you will be redirected to the Abubot website where you can find the discount and continue shopping. However, if you choose a promo code, you will have to copy it to your clipboard and apply it later on. After that, the cost of your shopping will be reduced! So now you have to make a decision how would you want to save your money. If you’re ready, let’s go to the next step.

Step 3. Shopping!
Here is the most exciting moment which is shopping! Look for everything you need and add your dreamed items to your cart. It could not be more simple, just select the blue “Add to Cart” button. Now go and fill up your cart with the best toys and games you can find!

Find something unique

Step 4. Your cart.
If you finished filling up your cart, you should look at it. To enter your cart, just click the “Cart” button. Here you will see the total cost of your order and the number of items you added to the cart. You can also write special instructions for the seller. Check if everything is good and we can proceed to the next step which is checkout!

Step 5. Checkout.
Click the blue “Checkout” button. Now you have to fill in all the boxes with required information like email, name or shipping address. Here you can also use the promotional code that you copied earlier. To do that, just paste the code to the box (look at the picture below) and click “Apply”. The price is reduced! You can now pay for your order and that’s all. It’s really easy to save your money, right?

Save at Abubot with Picodi

Short version:

  • Go to,
  • Search for Abubot in the search engine,
  • Select a promotion,
  • Shop,
  • Enter your cart,
  • Proceed to checkout,
  • Redeem your coupon code,
  • Pay for your order at a lower price.

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Make sure that you follow Abubot on every social media! Take a look at their Facebook, Twitter. They also have a blog built in their website! And may the force be with you!