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Wherever you are and no matter where you are going Uber is there to provide you a lift. It will connect you with a professional partner who will take you to your destination. Uber needs just a few minutes after you click a button in the mobile application and the car is on the way. The driver is from your neighbourhood, he knows exactly where to go, so you do not lose time and money. And what if you forget the change? No worries, in the Uber cars you can pay by card. You do not have to wait in a queue, you travel without any previous reservations of the cab.

Uber is an American online transportation network company, which has now an international range. The headquarter is located in San Francisco, California founded in 2009. The company created a mobile app which enables the users of smartphones to submit a trip request which goes to the local Uber drivers who use their own cars. Now the service is available in 66 countries and 449 cities in the world. 

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How to call Uber?

You just need to download the app for your mobile phone and register using your credit card, launch it and precise your localization or a place of pick up. Order the lift. On your phone, you will get information about the cab, about the driver, and you will be able to follow the coming car on the map. 

How does it work?

Use Uber like a normal Taxi, but remember Uber is not a casual cab. When you get off the car, you don’t have to pay, your credit card will be automatically charged, and you don’t need to worry about the tip - It’s not obligatory. In some cities, you can pay by cash if you wish. After the ride, you get a recipe on your email. After that, you can also provide an anonymous feedback about your trip and the driver. What's more, the GPS data is being collected for every ride, so the platform knows where you are to increase your safety. 

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How much does it cost?

Uber service is also available in Lagos where you can order two types of car. UberPOP and UberBLACK, the difference is only the quality of the car. UberPOP  - The low-cost Uber costs NGN9.00 per minute or NGN90.00 per km and the base fare is NGN400.00. The original Uber which is called UberBLACK has following prices: NGN16.00 per minute or NGN165.38 per kilometer and the base fare is NGN530.00. The online platform also shows you the approximate price of the journey and there are flat fares for the most common destinations and you do not need to worry about the time spent in the traffic or detour. For example, the ride from the airport to the Islands costs NGN4,000.00 or NGN6.000.00 by UberBlack.  

Where can I get a free Uber promo code?

This website provides you with promo codes for Uber’s services. You can not only find here price off but also free rides and Uber sign up code. Do not forget to check the availability of the Uber discount coupons to be always up to date.

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Am I safe during the ride?

Uber company makes effort to offer the safest trips. First of all, the application finds automatically your localization and match it with the closest driver. When one driver confirms the arrival, you will see his name, photo, license plate number and the rating in the Uber application. Uber takes a lot of care of choosing the drivers. For Uber platform, people are the most important factor, that’s why they created a both side codex, where drivers and customers operate basing on the same principals such as tolerance, respect, reliability and kindness. 

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Where can I ask in case of further questions?

You can always contact the 24/7 support team which is there to respond your questions and for example to locate your lost items. There is also a rapid response team which is responsible for urgent accidents and incidents and is always there in case of emergency.

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