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MTN 4G LTE Coverage: Free 4GB & 25% 4G Bonus

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MTN Recharge Promo: Get 300% Airtime Bonus on Every Recharge Over ₦100

Recharge your phone over ₦100 using this special code and get 300% airtime bonus. For ex. if you recharge with N400, you will get N1,600 in Awuf4U account i.e. N400 (recharge value) + N1,200 (bonus). Don't miss out!


Yafun Yafun SIM Offer: Enjoy 700% Bonus on Every Recharge of ₦100 or More

Recharge you phone from ₦100 and above airtime value by dialing *555*digits PIN# to receive 700% bonus that will be credited in a dedicated account. Don't miss out this MTN special offer!


Awuf4U Promo: Get 200% Airtime Bonus on Every Recharge Below ₦100

Recharge your phone below ₦100 using this special code and get 200% airtime bonus. For ex. if you recharge with N50, you will get N150 in Awuf4U account i.e. N50 (recharge value) + N100 (bonus). Don't miss out!


MTN Online Shop: Get Special Phone & Tablet Deals

Head to the landing page to get special MTN phone or tablet deals and save your money. Don't miss out the latest offers!

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MTN Welcome Back Offer: Enjoy 2000% MTN Bonus

Re-activate your inactive MTN SIM, recharge a minimum of NGN 100 and get 2000% bonus on your first recharge for the period of 3 months. Click to get more details.


MTN Promo: Shop MTN Store at Jumia to Get Free Data & Bonuses

Head to the landing page to enter the MTN Store available at Jumia Nigeria and browse all the latest MTN promo offers. Don't miss out!

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Best International Calling Rate in Nigeria Avaiable at MTN

Choose one of the MTN International Calling Bundles starting from as little as ₦300 and enjoy the best international calling rate in Nigeria. Simply dial MTN code on your phone to activate this special offer.

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MTN International Calling Bundles from Only ₦300

Choose MTN International Bundle 1 to get 20 international voice minutes for as little as ₦300. Click to visit MTN Nigeria website and check bigger bundles!

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Check MTN LTE Coverage for Free

Check MTN LTE Coverage in Nigeria for free. Simply visit the landing page and check selected locations on the LTE​ Coverage map.

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MTN Prestige: Become Member & Enjoy Great Benefits

Become MTN Prestige Loyal customer to get exclusvie discounts, receive free gifts and bonuses. Click to get more details.

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Get MTN Data Plans from Only ₦100

Choose from rich bouquet of flexible and affordable data bundle plans starting from as little as ₦100. Visit the landing page to check all MTN Nigeria special offers.

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Reserve Your Own Unique Number for Free

Visit MTN Nigeria website to choose and reserve your own unique phone number for free. Click to get this MTN special offer!

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MTN Data Offerings: Save Up to 60%

Choose one of the Data Packages available at MTN Nigeria to save even 60%. Click to check all MTN Online special offers.

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Special Deals Available at The Nearest MTN Store

Are you ready for MTN Nigeria special offers? Use the store locator to find the nearest MTN store and start bargain shopping!

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MTN Mobile Electricity from Only ₦1,000

Enjoy noise-free and fume-free electricity for your everyday use and conveniently pay with your airtime from your MTN mobile phone. Prices start at as little as ₦1,000. Click to get the deal.

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These offers have expired recently. They might still work so why not check them out?


MTN XtraValue: Enjoy Voice & Data Bundles from Only ₦300

Dial this MTN code on your mobile phone to avail MTN XtraValue special offer and enjoy voice and data bundles starting from as little as ₦300. Click to get more details.


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More about MTN Online:

MTN Nigeria

People have many basic needs, one of them is the communication with each other. Modern world invented facilities to make the communication easier even if the people are not in the same place, not in the same town or even not on the same continent.  

In Nigeria, your basic needs are being taken care by a leading cellular and telecommunication company called MTN.  They started functioning in 2001 as the first GSM network using Nigerian GSM number launched by the Nigerian Communications Commission. Next step was to create commercial operations in the major sites starting with Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Nigeria MTN Online upgrade

MTN puts a lot of interest in developing telecommunication infrastructure in Nigeria. Until now they invested 1.8 billion of dollars in doing it.

Starting from August 2001, MTN has been increasing the number of their offices and services. They are now in 223 cities and smaller towns communicating some places to the world of telecommunication for the first time ever.

Nigeria MTN Online caller feel

Digital microwave transmission was created by the company and it was commissioned by the president Olusegun Obadaj at the beginning of 2003. And it occurred to be the most extensive digital microwave infrastructure on the whole African continent.

The aim of the company is to connect people, connect friends, families and create new opportunities for them. They follow clear values of leadership, integrity, relation and innovation.

The company keeps expanding the network capacity and recently has introduced the new prefix 0806 because the number of the users was too high to continue using the previous one.

The company takes care of the customers by expanding the number of offices and creating a line which works as a self-help tool. Calling this line the clients are able to resolve and get answers for frequently asked questions. The line is totally free.

Nigeria MTN Online pulse

MTN Promotions

The company has a big impact on Nigerian economic growth and development.  It provides the world class communications but also introduces innovative solutions and socially responsible initiatives.

On the website, you will be able to find every service which is being offered by MTN brand. Such as MTN packages which include: MTN extra value package,  MTN pulse, MTN start pack, MTN beta talk, diamond yellow account, MTN smooth talk plus. You can read also important information about international rates, international roaming, roaming coverage and rates, MTN data roaming, and MTN roam4less. The site also offers the best promotions on the market and the newest offers of phones like Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5. 

Nigeria MTN Online YafunYafunb Bonus

MTN Bonus Code

If you want to be up to date with all the MTN promo offers and bonus codes, it is advisable to get the MTN App from Google Play. You will find there not only the information which is also included on the website but also coming events, promotions for business and private users. It will be easy for you to communicate directly with the support centre if you will find some problem on the way.

On our website, we provide you with the hottest deals from this brand. Here are gathered all examples of interesting information from the MTN’s website, so you don't have to look and search in every place on the website. We put here discount coupons, which you will like for sure and which will make your shopping cheaper or faster. If you decide to buy or expand your position of an MTN’s user here should be a place where you look first.

Nigeria MTN Online all in one

Keep in touch with your closets, and don't worry about not having credits or signal, MTN is a reliable company in which you can trust. If you use currently another network you can easily change it in the MTN’s office and be happy with your new privileges from your MTN. 

MTN Black Friday

Every year MTN Nigeria prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All MTN bonus codes and promotions for Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018 can be found on dedicated special pages.