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Shopping for clothes can be an enjoyable experience. We show off our clothes to the world which is why we often want it to complement not only our bodies but also our personalities. We devote plenty of time to coming up with style varieties just to feel comfortable and beautiful in the garments we wear. However, is that just as true to our choice of underwear or not? If you want to, or you already do, think just as much about your undergarments as you do about your ‘outer garments,’ you should make Shelot your destination for all things underwear.

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Picodi doesn’t think that any part of your wardrobe should be neglected. In fact, it can bring you just as many fantastic promotions to Shelot and other underwear stores as it does to your favourite fashion brand.

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Introduced to the Malaysian shoppers in 2016, it has quickly gained enormous attention and loyalty of both men and women. Thanks to the amazing quality and affordable prices, the products sold on the website are something anyone can afford. Make sure you explore the catalogue through and through because with Shelot, nothing is stopping you from having great pieces of garments both in and out.

Affordable lingerie and nightwear

Let’s start with the best part – the Sales. Deals are regularly offered to help you manage your finances and enable you to have good quality products in your underwear stock. If you thought you couldn’t afford these items before but kept coming back, this is your chance to get them much cheaper. It’s also an excellent way to save money if you’re new to the brand – you can score a great pick even before you start looking in the catalogue!

What’s next? If you’re fashion-conscious at all times and you want to remain trendy all the time, go to New In. Latest products introduced into the range can be found here. It doesn’t matter if you wear these items under your clothes most of the time – it’s the feeling you get from wearing them that matters. Plus, you can share your views with your girlfriends!

Hot deals at Shelot

If you want to explore the regular catalogue, click on Women’s Fashion. Find Swimwear and Beachwear for your holiday or everyday beach endeavours with a split, one-piece, long sleeve, couple, big size and S size swimsuits. Shelot appreciates all women and wants all of them to feel valued with their range of beachwear. What about lingerie? The store carries an extensive collection of bras, big size bras, panties, nightwear, couple pyjamas and sports bras. You can exercise not worrying about the condition of your bust, while you and your partner can wear cute pyjamas at home.

What about men, then? Can they feel appreciated by Shelot as well? The company values all of their customers, including men, which is why it has also introduced a collection for them. It encompasses men’s swimsuits for beach adventures and men couple swimsuits. Do water sports together and look stylish at the same time with Shelot’s range!

Great accessories

That’s not all! Apart from lingerie and swimwear available at the store, you can also buy some great accessories. For example, you can find fashionable sunglasses that will add mystery to your look and sandals to go with your swim and beachwear. You can also enhance your experience with bra pads if you wish. Don’t want to wear any bra? Get a tube!

Shelot promotions

Make sure you take all the steps to save tons of money on shopping with Shelot. Just:

  • Visit Picodi upon subscribing to the platform, and start browsing the promotions. Choose one and click on it. Copy the promotional code.
  • Go to Shelot and look for products you want to buy. Add each one to your online bag. When finished, review your order and enter your code when required.
  • Confirm and make the payment. Make sure you enter your correct details.


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