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New Balance discounts

What is the difference between great sports apparel or bad one? The first allows you to exercise in the way you will not hurt you and it will last for much longer. It may cost a bit more, but at the end of the day, you are saving money because you don’t have to replace it all the time. If you are looking for quality sports shoes and apparel that will satisfy all of your needs, you have to check out New Balance website and catalogue for Malaysia.

Find New Balance's website

Picodi encourages their users to be sporty and healthy. At the same time, it understands that shopping for new clothing and equipment can be very expensive. If you feel like you are losing money just because you want to purchase the right quality of products, subscribe to Picodi and take advantage of it every day.

New Sports Balance

If you’re new to designer sportswear, you might feel a little intimidated at first but don’t. You will soon understand why New Balance is such a famous brand all over the world. You will appreciate the detailed finishing, the utmost quality of materials used and the comfort of wear. Where do you go first?

Designer collection at New Balance

Start with your gender and find products you are interested in. You will see three sections towards which you should proceed. First one is for those of you who are looking for running shoes and apparel. It consists of trainers specially designed for running – extra protection for the ankles and extra soft on the sole of the feet. The clothes in this category are also breathable and made of maximum durability fabrics.

If you’re not a runner, but you still prefer a casual clothing style, you can easily find something for yourself in the New Balance catalogue of products. These shoes will take you anywhere you like and will ensure you maintain proper endurance at the same time. If you want to look for the clothing that is appropriate for both every day and the gym, there is no better place.

The Energize collection

The same goes for women because New Balance does not discriminate any of its customers and it wants all of them to enjoy the quality and the style at the same time. What about children, though? It’s essential to help tiny feet to develop in the right way. New Balance has created a collection of shoes designed for children who love to release their energy by running, jumping, playing. Their feet are safe and sound, and they look awesome as well.

What if you have found a great pair, but you don’t know what size you should get? The website can help you with that as well. All you need to do is click on the sizing guide, and you will be able to assess the appropriate size you should get. It’s important to know what you’re looking for because brands can differ in sizing and what is size 6 or 7 in one may be something different in another.

The Premium collection

Want even more? You can get connected to New Balance with social media channels. Get in touch with the company and find your local store which has got all the latest trends under one roof. Talk to other users and read real-life reviews of the products. It is your best chance to see what other people think about those products and why they love them so much.

New Balance promo codes

So how do you combine shopping for great sportswear and saving money at the same time? It’s straightforward, but you need to take a few steps. These include:

  • Subscribing to Picodi. It will give you an insider’s look at what your favourite stores and brands have prepared for you.
  • When you see that New Balance has got some new promotions, come to Picodi and browse through them. Check when they expire and download or copy the promotional code if there is any.
  • Go to the website and take a look at the catalogue. It will give you an overview of what is available and what you like the most.
  • Find your nearest store and visit it. Try the product on, love it, present the promotion to the store assistant and purchase your new pair or clothing.
  • Enjoy them to bits!


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